Big Pecs In 3 Moves - New Angles Of Attack

Pectoral development is one of those topics which has been addressed a thousand times, yet we still see people make the same mistakes! Benching too much weight which incidentally means their performance during the set is poor, bad exercise choices and on top of that a lack of intensity. Instead of bashing people’s efforts, we are going to instead give a chest workout which we feel will help you make fast progress accompanied by some pointers.

Performing the chest press on a decline angle is one of the most under rated exercise for pec growth, even 6 times Mr Olympia and bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates says so! The reason it is so beneficial is that the angle provides a point of attack where a fuller range of motion can be utilised and there is also less stress on the shoulder joint which is a common area for injury whilst bench pressing. Using the decline bench press is a fantastic way to start a workout to build a powerful looking chest.

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Flies are one of the most popular chest movements and with good reason; they provide another angle of attack which allows you to work with a long range of motion. However, we think that cables are better than dumbbells on this particular exercise. In simple terms there is greater tension on the muscle because there is resistance against the pectoral muscles during the entire set, at no point does the tension cease. As a result this can help improve muscle fibre recruitment and overall muscle stimulation.

Dips are the final exercise. One of the most under used exercises for pec development in our opinion, especially with added weight via the use of a belt. Much like the decline press dips provide a great range of motion. Whilst the exercises are outlined you must be mindful that there is more to it than this.

Repetition tempo is the first point of discussion. To get big, strong powerful pecs start using a 3 second negative phase on every rep and learn to squeeze the pecs against the resistance during the ‘’pressing’’ phase. This will lead to much more efficient muscle fibre recruitment and in turn hypertrophy.

Next is volume! For two weeks look to do between 6-8 sets per exercise with 60-90 seconds rest between sets and for the third week drop this to 1-3 working sets per exercise. Rotating volume and intensity will dramatically improve chest growth!

Applying these principles in your own chest routine should help you make faster gains with more progressive results! If you are struggling to develop t-shirt tearing pecs try this!

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