Become The Food Detective

Whilst I am an avid fan of hiring the expert help of proven transformation coaches I am also a huge believer in learning about your own body via your own means. To do this it means becoming a detective! Grab a notebook, a pen and follow these tips!

Write It Down

Create your own food diary listing what you eat, when and how you feel after that meal. Over the course of a week, analyse the diary and see what trends you can spot. You will almost certainly pick up on some kind of pattern, and then repeat the process. Over the course of a month, the information you have gathered will be much more conclusive. Are we looking to ‘’diagnose’’ anything here? No, instead we are just trying to turf out foods which have a negative effect on the function of your body.

Cauliflower is a nutritious food, however if after every time you eat it you feel as though there are a bag of thorns sitting in your stomach then obviously there is an issue. Some people might find that when they eat carbs later in the day they sleep better as where others will find during the day it makes them feel lethargic. Taking notes of all of these somewhat ‘’finer’’ points will lead to a bigger picture, eventually resulting in a self-portrait of your own nutritional needs.

Foods To Watch

Whilst it is essential that any pattern developing is picked up on there are definitely food groups which you want to pay special attention to. Foods containing gluten, wheat, sugar and even dairy are often the key culprits for a range of issues (if there is an underlying problem). Whenever you eat these foods, make sure you pay great attention to the way they make you feel.

What To Do. . . .

Once your home-made ‘’study’’ is complete there are a couple of things you can do. Eliminate the foods which appear to have a negative impact on your physiology and see how you feel without them. However, the more advisable route is to seek medical advice and make a point that you have noticed X, Y and Z seem to have a constant effect on the way your body operates. This can lead to more in-depth answers and potentially a solution to the issue. Becoming the detective can sometimes pay dividends because it can lead to lifelong lessons.

After all, there is nobody who has the potential to be in tune with the way your body works as YOU. Learn your body, learn how to become healthier and progress faster!

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