Beat Down Your Bill - Eating For Size On A Budget

It is no secret, eating a diet high in protein and calories can be expensive which like it or not is a limiting factor for most of us. To an extent it will cost to get in shape BUT I do believe that people go to the extreme and cancel out the possibility of eating for size due to costs which they don’t really need to incur. With that said here are some fairly basic yet relevant points to make your ‘’diet’’ or should I say lifestyle choice a little less of a burden on the pocket.

Protein sources are going to ‘’pinch’’ your pocket the most so we best talk about the most effective way to limit this. Chicken thigh is a great starting point, over breast as it is cheaper and you can remove the skin if you are concerned about fat (if you are on a higher fat diet then chicken thigh and skin is fine as long as the bird was reared healthily). Eggs are another reasonably cheap protein source, as are egg whites. If you aren’t too picky about which fish you eat there will normally be offers on at the fresh fish counter which again means you are eating quality protein without spending the earth. Tinned fish is another option, and is one of the cheapest protein sources available at your supermarket. Beyond that, whey protein is a cost effective way to hit your daily targets!

*Top tip* - buy meat from the butchers because it is far superior to supermarket meat AND you can usually arrange a discount if you are a regular customer. Ask about discounts and wholesale prices! Buying in bulk can be far cheaper in the long run and you can stock your freezer up at the same time making food preparation nice and easy.

Carbohydrates are never going to cost the earth, but buying bigger bags tends to work out cheaper. Oats, rice and pasta are all relatively cheap as are sweet potatoes and white potatoes.

Fat sources can be a little more costly than carbohydrates, but again if you are wise then you can make it a pretty cost effective purchase. Big bags of nuts, avocado (bear in mind these go off) and whole eggs are all great sources of fat along with oily fish.

The trick is to plan ahead as much as you can and rotate your food choices (keeping within limits) depending on what is on offer at that given time (reduced) and as I said, stock up for long term savings. If you ask at independent retailers you will be amazed what offers/deals you can get! Haggle away!

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