Achieve Intensity In 4 Steps!

Sometimes the word intensity is over used and many people wouldn’t understand the true meaning if it leaped up and slapped them in the face. Others don’t know HOW to train with more intensity, they like the ‘’sexyness’’ of the word but how do you really train ‘’balls to the wall’’ and get a burn bursting through your muscles?

Intensity is an art and to be able to go through it you must have a mind-set of steel because you want to stop so the pain will also cease to exist! However, if you think you are equipped for it then we are going to share 3 ways to put the ‘’I’’ in intensity!

Negative Repetitions

Forget lifting weight; focus on resisting against the weight! The negative phase of the repetition is where you can really make the muscles work HARD which is absolutely essential if the goal is fat loss, strength or muscle mass – it doesn’t matter. Getting the muscles to work HARD is what transforming the performance and appearance of the muscle is all about. For 3-4 weeks focus on using a negative repetition of 3-4 seconds for every rep of every working set, see what happens!

Rest Periods

A lot of people go off instinct (when they feel recovered enough) going into the next working set. This isn’t necessarily what is conducive for best results, keeping a time on things is the secret to getting fast results. If fat loss is the primary goal then 40-60 seconds is more than enough sometimes as low as 30 seconds is required. Even for muscle mass the most you generally need is two minutes, don’t rest any more than this unless there is a specific reason. Keeping a tab on rest taken between sets is imperative!


Sometimes people just don’t do enough! Yes, over training can be a problem but for the average person in the street with a reasonable diet and supplementation plan over training is generally a long way off! Within an hour you should be getting through a lot of working sets with the previous two points taken on board! Up to 30-45 wouldn’t be out of the question and if fat loss is the goal this isn’t over kill for short bursts with a ‘’deload’’ week incorporated every few weeks.


If you want to royally polish off yourself after throwing some weight around in the gym then hit some intervals to get the job done! Hit 6-8 bursts of 20 seconds with 40 seconds rest to finish, this will give a whole new meaning to the word ‘’intensity’’ to you!

Intensity is king, get on it!

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