Wheelchair Bound To Leg Pressing 280KG! My Story With Lisa Fenlon

Every single writer who contributes content to FitMag is massively appreciated, but today the story is a little bit special which is why as the editor I wanted to say a few points. The nature of Lisa’s story bowled me over, every day in this industry we come up with ways to try and help our readership overcome ‘’obstacles’’ but sometimes I think all they need to do is read a story like this one. After all, what is an excuse? Lisa, you have inspired us massively!

In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called syringomyellia. This is where a fluid like cyst forms inside the spinal canal causing extreme pain and loss of sensation in the legs, arms and hands. For me I was affected with extreme lower back pain and loss of feeling in my left leg as well as my arm. I also suffered from intense muscle spasms which could last anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. I hated these as I could not control them and I ended up needing care and relied on a wheel chair to get around, my life had taken a complete turn for the worst or so I thought!!

I had my operation where I had a shunt put in to drain the fluid. This shunt is a permanent thing, however after my operation I still suffered agony within my back and had to see a pain specialist where I was put on a lot of pain relief and patches. I also underwent facet joint injections but unfortunately they didn’t have much effect. Since my operation I have had 2 beautiful children along with our older son Brannon, needless to say these pregnancies had complications due to my back problems and having a shunt.

In April this year I decided that I wanted to join a gym so after doing some research I decided that it would be better for me to have a personal trainer so I joined Dennehys Gym in Cork, where I am being trained my Eoin Fehily of FehilysFitness. Since I started training with Eoin I have had a complete life changing few months. I no longer take any tablets I don’t suffer with any back pain whatsoever; my quality of life is amazing.

My diet regime is consistent, healthy and tastes great and what’s more I have dropped 2 stone! Perhaps more importantly, I have gone from 28.1% body fat to 18.4%! Finally, my total loss equates to 33 inches!

On my 1st training session I was leg pressing 20kg and now I’m leg pressing 280kg for 5 reps on my 6th set!!!

I’m getting married on the 7th of December and all my hard work has paid off as my wedding dress has dropped from a size 14-16 to a size 8!! So now I have set new goals for myself! I want to enter my 1st bodybuilding competition in 2013 so from here on in its high intensity  training for me and I can’t wait !! This whole ‘’eat clean and healthy’’ lifestyle has completely changed my life.

So from relying on the use of a wheelchair because I couldn’t feel my legs to leg pressing 280kg is why I 100% believe in the saying ‘’NEVER SAY NEVER.’’

Updated: Daily Mail article featuring Lisa Bradley (formerly Fenlon) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2513860/Becoming-BODYBUILDER-helped-walk-Mother-28-beats-crippling-spinal-condition-walk-aisle.html

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