Viable Gains - Long Term Progress

Viability, in the context of following a healthier lifestyle and eventually complete a total transformation means to find a balance which is sustainable long term for yourself. Optimal is a lovely theory and idea, but in reality this isn’t always viable to us. Instead, you need to find something which is ideal for your life, financial constraints and time limit. Trying to follow a diet and training programme which is out of your means (at the moment), makes it unrealistic which will eventually become a very counterproductive situation.

Many people will go through ‘bursts’’ where they make sacrifices to do everything humanly possible only to come to a crashing end. Instead, you should look to find a balance which you can sustain as a day to lifestyle. This is where the real changes happen and perhaps more importantly, stick.

Protein sources such as meat and fish can be quite pricey, on a tight budget which means if you aim to eat 6 or so times a day it could possibly be out of the question. In this case turning to cheaper choices such as eggs (egg whites as well), natural cottage cheese and of course protein powder. It is also worth considering going to meat wholesalers, they are normally willing to cut you a deal (even butchers) if the flow of business is regular on your behalf. In an ideal world, perhaps 1.5g of protein per pound of lean body weight would be the goal however 1g will indeed have a positive impact and as low as 0.8g according to some studies. This is doing the best you can within your limits, and it can work wonders.

In relation to carbohydrates, they are fairly cheap. Bags of oats, rice, sweet potato and sweet potato are all relatively cheap. Carbohydrate based foods also tend to last for a relatively long time, a fantastic food choice when on a budget used at the right time.

Fats can be expensive in some respects, but not others. Things like avocado isn’t too expensive and neither are whole eggs. Sometimes nuts can be pricey however if you buy bigger bags it will work out cheaper.

Supplements are where it can get tough, with such a huge choice and a budget to stick to what should you do? Keep it simple is the answer! Whey protein is your first choice, then BCAAs and creatine monohydrate if muscle growth and strength are the goals.

Hopefully these tips and points will help you overcome any potential obstacles and achieve your goals, no matter what!

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