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What do I do? Y3T? DTP? GST? 1HW? HIT? In the age of the internet, there are not only lots of training principles, it is infinitely easier for the average Joe to read bits and pieces about them and start to get confused about, what is the best and what should he do. It’s easy to see how anyone could get mixed up seeing so many different methods, each one championed of course by some amazing athletes with incredible condition. When confronted by all of the clever names and outstanding success stories what should you do? I suggest you get stuck in.

These training systems (and others I’ve not mentioned) are not mutually exclusive. Some can work together and/or complement one another, and some work well as a way to chop and change your workouts and keep things interesting. The training principles or systems should be read about and understood completely so that you can get the best results. Some encourage controlled cheating where necessary, some require strict form at all times, some keep sets and reps consistent and some change the set and rep schemes as a means to achieve something different. When approaching any new training plan for the first time try to make sure that the approach described will work for you and be aware of any areas or muscle groups that might not in fact benefit from it. Once you’ve picked one to try out, get yourself out to the gym and do it.

For instance, I use DTP.... not for every workout, and not always on the same muscle group, but now and again I use it for a variety of reasons. Aside from the benefits of DTP which far more experienced people than me can describe, it is useful if you have limited resources available or limited time. Last year I stayed at a hotel and wanted to use the gym the next morning for a good bicep session. To my disappointment the hotel ‘gym’ consisted of a set of dumbbells and not much else. In stepped DTP. I had a gruelling workout for my biceps using only the dumbbells available and came out feeling like I couldn’t have had a better workout even if all the machines and weights I could think of had been available to me. I’ve found that using some training principles or plans has pushed me to use equipment in the gym that I had not considered using before. I’ve also found that following athletes online who like to share their workouts from time to time is a great way to discover new exercises. Case in point, not too long ago Adam Gethin shared a workout that included ‘Drag Curls’ I hadn’t heard of them before and was interested to see what they were. A little Googling helped me find some video demo’s of the drag curls with some brief explanation on correct form and the reasons behind it. I’ve used it since in quite a few bicep workouts and I’m finding it really helps squeeze more from my biceps by using this different movement.

Remember that there is no ‘one size fits all’ plan in order to put on the size and get the gains you want. Play around with the different methods that some world class athletes and trainers have taken the time to document and find which one works best for you. If you plateau, then maybe try something new. There are so many different ways to attack your muscles that there is no need for anyone’s workout to ever become stagnant or boring. Read, listen, learn and perform.

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