Tough Enough - How Badly Do You Want This?

To speak to most people they crave a certain physique, level of fitness or performance as much as the reigning world champion yet once you spend 30 minutes in the gym with them and go over their eating habits your opinion quickly changes. Whilst I am not suggesting you should live like a world champion (it just isn’t feasible or necessary for most of us) I do think that the question has to be asked, just how badly do you want this?

Do you want it so badly that you are willing to prepare your meals, whatever they may be and not deviate from the plan even when temptation flirts with you all day? What about when the weather isn’t quite how you might like it but you are due to hit some sprint intervals before going to work? These are of course just examples of potential eventualities which you are going to have to face along your journey. How does it sound so far? Do you still want it as bad as you did approximately 3 minutes ago?

To admit that your drive isn’t quite enough is absolutely fine, in fact I encourage it IF it isn’t there yet because blindly denying you lack drive will just mean you stay in the same place as you are now. On the other hand it would be completely wrong and dogmatic of me to say ‘’just get on with it’’ because whilst the premise of that statement is very ‘’coach’’ like I think it fails to address deeper issues.

If you don’t want it badly enough right now, why? There must be a good reason why you are unable to conjure up the much needed drive in order to move towards your goal. Do you lack self-motivation skills, are the people around you negative, or maybe the goal you THINK you want isn’t the real goal at all.

One of the most famous motivational videos to ever bounce around the internet came down to a final conclusion in regards to this topic, and it was this. ‘’When you want something as badly as you want to be breathe, then you will get it!’’ This might sound a little over kill, maybe a little cheesy but you cannot deny the fact that when you read motivational stories the underlying quality of the individual was the unconditional desire to achieve. Nothing was going to stop them and this is the drive which you absolutely need to achieve that physique you look at in the magazines and go ‘’wow, I want to look like that one day.’’

So, how badly do you want it?

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