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Depression is a very unpleasant issue which many thousands of people across the UK deal with on a daily basis. Not only does it pull apart the life of the individual suffering, but the family and friends who surround the person. In my mind, depression is one of the most awful things anyone can go through. With the permission of my client, I am going to share a very valuable and relevant story.

Two weeks ago, Ruth Cullen (an avid reader of FitMag) contacted me and she was really down – she suffers hypothyroidism which meant she never had any energy, and she also suffers with depression which kept multiplying every time she would binge on junk food. Ruth was in a vicious circle. When she told me this, it struck a chord because I know what she is going through – some family members of mine have gone through heavy cycles of depression and it really is a horrible place to be, mentally. What was more ‘’fitting’’ or relatable to me was the fact that she said the anti-depressants were doing nothing for her, 8 months into the course. Ruth explained to me how she wanted to return to her former glory days, 9 stone and she had gained two stone I believe over the last 18 odd months.

In short, I wanted to help – not so much for the body composition goal, but more due to the fact depression was kicking her whilst she was down and I felt with some basic rules she would improve. It was simple, 12 days ago I challenged Ruth to go for a walk 5 times a week, and eat 5 healthy ‘’meals’’ a day, no weighing food, no calorie counting just plain old ‘’eat well’’ and she had to be accountable to me. Every day I requested she told me WHEN she was off for her walk, when she was back, how she felt and what she had eaten. Very quickly it became a routine for Ruth, each day her ‘’report’’ would improve.

Today, her update stated she had lost 7lbs in 12 days (excellent) but mentally she is feeling really happy, strong and energised. Sure, this isn’t the finished article but it is times like this that give me real happiness, Ruth is a completely DIFFERENT person to talk too compared to just 12 days ago. I am a massive believer that exercise and healthy eating can be the ultimate remedy for so many other lost souls, feeling trapped and filled with anxiety.

Ruth took action, and I am SO GLAD she reached out to me because she is on the road to a new her once again. In no way am I suggesting medical attention isn’t needed, it absolutely is! However, I do think that having an exercise routine combined with a healthy eating plan will go some way to helping some individuals in this situation.

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