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The widespread net which ‘’motivation’’ as a generic term is able to throw across an entire population of people can be quite incredible, the power of this little diamond should never be underestimated. Simply seeing a photo of someone who inspires you can be enough to trigger a small flame into a burning inferno, raging to the point you achieve something you never believed possible.

Once upon a time I received a direct message on my Facebook account and it read ‘’hey man you have no idea how far your motivation reaches, I was in work (making pizza) and somebody sent theirs back so all the staff started eating it. I took a slice and as I put it in my mouth, I thought of what you would say and spat it out. All the best, Mr X, Australia.’’

This clearly illustrates my point; the vast spectrum of populations a seemingly small piece of motivation can reach is incredible! With that said, my response was of course one of happiness and admiration for the dudes discipline, even I would really struggle to go back on the decision to nail a slice of pizza when it is partly mashed up inside my mouth,  with all the flavours oozing out.

Our conversations continued, he said he was keen to complete a transformation and I congratulated him, saying I am sure he would with that level of determination. Low and behold, a few months later I receive and email with his photos which were the results of an epic effort on his behalf. Nathan Pearce had transformed himself (formerly known as Mr X, above).

With motivation levels on a high in that little corner of Australia it was almost inevitable more good things would happen to people close to Nathan which is when the topic of his sister, Sarah came up. Nathan mentioned she was making an effort to do the same and that he was ultra-proud of her and told me how beautiful he thought he sister was. In an age where a lot of the younger generations (my generation included, I am only 22 going on 42) it was refreshing to hear such a untainted description from a young guy of his sister who clearly loved her, and wasn’t afraid to say so.

Almost in the same fashion as with Nathan’s transformation, I received an email with Sarah’s transformation and I was bowled over. In 12 weeks, 15kg had been shed with the help of her brother and a few small tips from my page. This excited me because it had become obvious how far our reach had gone, our ability to inspire people has surpassed our wildest imagination.

Never did I think I would inspire people in England, Scotland or Ireland let alone Australia!

The whole point of this? Keep doing the good things you do, you never know who you are helping!

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