The Big Debate - Which Camp Do You Belong To?

More than ever it would be appear there is a battle of two halves within the fitness community, more specifically the body recomposition circles. Some of the most respected coaches will tell you calorie and macro counting is all you need to worry about, the source of macronutrient (sugar as a prime example) isn’t so important and hormone control (insulin management) is over rated unless you are already diabetic (type 2).

The other half (we are talking very general hear, there isn’t literally 50:50 to my knowledge) will say that hormones are the first port of call and without focus in this area, everything else is going to be an uphill struggle. The rational here lies in the fact that hormones are after all the mediators within the body; if there are imbalances logically you would think achieving the desired effects can be hard to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, there is a massive emphasis on macro tracking within this group of experts too, however it is often based around the importance of hormone regulation.

With figures from both camps bosting overwhelming credibility and followings who should you believe? This is where I personally think reasoning needs to be utilised. Without tainting the viewpoint you develop, I am very much on the side with the latter party. I once read a sentence from an article Nick Mitchell wrote (don’t know him, Google him – top 5 trainer in the WORLD in my opinion) and he said ‘’he who controls hormones controls the results’’ or words to that effect. Insulin is probably the most heavily debated hormone between the two packs of trainers.

The first group tend to have the opinion insulin management for body recomposition isn’t that important unless the person is diabetic. The other group heavily disagrees, and this is where I do as well. If it only matters for diabetic people, what about people who are overweight yet not diabetic (large proportion of overweight people are pre-diabetic)? To say people in this position wouldn’t require insulin management in my opinion resembles poor reasoning and from experience working with clients in this position, cannot imagine doing things any other way. Another question I often ask is if insulin management doesn’t matter, why is it people DEVELOP type 2 diabetes? Surely, early intervention via good nutrition protocol makes sense (eliminate sugar anyone?).

Reading one of Phil Learney’s articles (again, one of the best in the world) I believe he said that around 75% of the clients he sees through the door at Ultimate Performance (Nick Mitchell’s gym) are pre-diabetic. This is why I have an issue with saying to the public that unless you ARE diabetic managing insulin doesn’t really matter.

In contrast, the reality of it is that there are indeed people who don’t need to worry about it – namely lean ectomorphs who can quite comfortably maintain a body fat circa 10% all year round. Often you will find people who advocate the principles of group one are from this body group, or thereabouts.

Conclusion? Whilst this is merely a debate I always come back to the same conclusion – different horses for different courses! One diet approach will NOT work for everyone, in my opinion to try and create a system which addresses everyone’s dietary needs is slightly insane. Yes, there are systems which will improve one’s body composition and health to a point – but we are after optimised results right? This is where eating for your body type and current body composition comes into its own. Treat the body as a unique machine, one which needs specific attention.

Let’s hear your thoughts.

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