Surviving The Festive Period!

Last week a good friend of mine who runs a ‘’jogger’s blog’’ asked me how people could make like for like changes in order to make the festive period less harsh on the waistline. Let’s face it, even the most hardened fitness fanatic loves a binge during Christmas – temptation is everywhere you look. So back to the question at hand, how does one best over indulgence and protect their hours invested in the gym through 2012?

Tough one, I am not going to lie. Forget about advice, just think about the ‘’realistic’’ aspect of eating healthily, or relatively ‘’clean’’ over the festive season. With that in mind I am not going to go all out with like for like comparisons, I love Christmas and don’t fancy being labelled Scrooge just yet. Instead, we are going to focus on limiting the damage via ‘’moderation.’’ I think that it is perfectly reasonable to have Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing Day as a ‘’free period’ ’whereby anything goes.  Enjoy your Christmas, have down time with the family and recharge the batteries for the New Year.

However, if you want to be kind of health conscious then these are some things I would focus on. Try and limit the sugary stuff if possible, choose organic dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Stick to ‘’fatty festive’’ meats instead if possible, enjoy bacon and sausages!! Nuts are a very festive food, enjoy those in abundance. Yes your calorie intake is going to be pretty high but it won’t be SO hard for the body to ‘’re-set’’ come New Year if you are naturally prone to insulin induced stubborn fat. Again, if possible don’t pig out on thousands of calories at least not for too many days. I think this concludes the articles scope, there isn’t a lot more to be said.

There is no way we are going to suggest calorie counting at this time of the year that would be nothing short of ludicrous. ‘’I will in to open the presents now, just weighing my food out for the day!!’’ Imagine the look you would get, almost worth doing for comedy value. Do these tips provide real substance? Applied correctly, yes. However, the scepticism you sense in my tone comes from the opinion that I believe people will not care enough.

In a way, I feel the question presented to me was almost like saying ‘’how would you recommend making a car crash less painful?’’ when the answer is almost redundant. However, for those who WILL apply some of these tips, great!

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