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There is nothing quite like a skin bursting arm workout to get you all fired up for the winter, we all love a bit of ‘’gun show’’ attitude on a cold winter’s evening at the local house of pain. As Arnold once famously said, the feeling of blood rushing into your biceps is ermmm a nice feeling (Edit Arnold’s specific choice of vocabulary). There are however very common mistakes we see over and over again during people’s arm workouts. Today we are going to help you improve your arm training and come up with something which will ensure your sleeves look tighter around your arms in the New Year!

Hit The Biceps Sideways

Many exercises which people do for bigger biceps target the inner head which means from the side your arm can look relatively big, great! However, from the front you can look paper thin which is never a good look. You want to look like you are carrying mature lean muscle mass, not some soft pumped up substance under the skin. Here is what you do, focus on close grip exercises! Grip the EZ in the middle, grip the bar in the middle and start to stimulate growth in the outer head of your biceps. Very quickly you will begin to look far more 3 dimensional in your arm development.

Rep Tempo

Swinging the biggest dumbbells the gym has to offer from point A to B is quite often the extent to which the term ‘’rep tempo’’ applies to many gym bunnies. The thing is, we are trying to stimulate muscle growth here not rapid ego inflation. Therefore it is imperative the weight is controlled through the full range of motion and that you tense your muscle fibres against the resistance. Aim for a 2-4 second negative, and 1-2 second ‘’squeeze’’ at the top of the repetition and a controlled movement as you move the weight.

Super Tris!

Triceps account for 66% of overall upper arm development; they also look absolutely amazing when they hang off the back of your arm. Focus on close grip bench pressing, dips, close grip pushdowns and plenty of overhead exercises. It is overhead extensions which generally help make your triceps more ‘’thick’’ from the back by stimulating the long head. Apply the tempo rule above to these exercises. Deload Every 3-4 weeks have a week whereby you use half the volume as you usually would on your arm workout. This might seem too easy but your recovery rate will improve a lot as will your progress!

There are some sparkly diamonds for better arm growth, enjoy!

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