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The fitness industry is rife with ‘’information and advice’’ but you really have to begin to question what you are reading and who you are listening to. I am not even saying the person needs to have a load of letters after their name, most of the BEST trainers I know (and they are globally regarded as the best) don’t have a degree to their name. What I am saying is, ask for some clarity, some transparency to be able to see WHAT these trainers have achieved with their clients. After all, when all is said and done this is a RESULTS business.

For hours, even days you can debate about which diet and training protocols work best until you are blue in the face. Yet the only the important fact is, RESULTS. The names you will often hear myself shout out as some of the best include Nick Mitchell, Phil Learney, Kevin Walker, Ben Coomber, Charles Poliquin, Kris Gethin, Neil Hill, why? Simple, time and time again they achieve outstanding results with their clients. Are they all from the same school of thought? Absolutely not, but how can you argue with results.

There a lot of fitness ‘’experts’’ even in good shape themselves who will disagree with real ‘’experts’’ yet they have no success stories with clients to share. Just because somebody is in great shape doesn’t mean they can get you in top shape, just look back to your days in school. There was always a guy who rocked an awesome 6 pack and was strong but his diet was probably worse than yours!

Studies are a common ‘’weapon’’ tossed back and forth in debates but really, they only tell us so much. Unless the science is VERY comprehensive and conclusive (many studies are NOT) then a study can be shaped and used in many contexts to try and argue a point. Have you ever looked at a drastic transformation before/after and said ‘’BS!’’ – NO, of course not because you cannot argue with proof. The take home message is to take things with a pinch of salt; some people might make a sweeping statement whilst others might be convinced their way is the ONLY way. Dogmatic approaches are generally floored and it is the trainer/coach who can look from several angles who often gets the best results.

There is no one fits all protocol, we are all different and need different things!

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