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Relevance is key in your quest for better education. Who cares what the Mr Olympia eats when you want to look like the guy on the front of Men’s Fitness? In fact, even if you wanted to get ‘’huge’’ copying a pro bodybuilder who has Godly genetics and assistance is not going to be particularly relevant to you. Often we will observe the religious ‘’copycat’’ approach of athletes who simply are not relevant to the individual in question, as a result needless to say their results are not particularly pleasing.

Picking an idol who isn’t necessarily within your reach is absolutely fine, we all have them! However, you must be able to apply the foresight to understand that just because they do something doesn’t mean you should as well. We as humans are completely unique therefore we have individual needs. It is easy to WANT to do what your idol does because it fits right; we all want to be like our heroes. However, if I trained with weights for 3 hours a day like my hero (Arnie) I would cope for about 3 days! The point is, admiring someone and being inspired by them is totally different to ‘’copying’’ them.

Today the fitness industry is full of everyday people who achieve extraordinary things and they in my opinion are in fact the best role models. There are people with disabilities who have suffered severe injuries who then come back and achieve amazing transformations against all odds! They give you the strength to believe that it could happen to you, and it can. These soldiers in my mind are the ones you want to be looking to for inspiration. The people, who live everyday lives, work, have families, deal with obstacles, overcome them and then achieve out of the ordinary things with their physique!

After all, why do we choose to idolise somebody? Inspiration! What is more inspiring? An athlete who is paid to do what they do, and achieving what they set out to achieve OR an everyday guy or girl overcoming the odds of ‘’reality?’’ To make yourself relevant to the idol I think it pays to choose someone who has maybe walked a journey you intend on walking, going through similar problems to which you face. He or she will be able to give you better advice than anyone else that’s for sure!

Am I saying ‘’don’t look at stars?’’ of course I am not! Instead, try and relate to those who have or do walk a similar life to you, that is when the real motivation kicks in!

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