National Diabetes Day - A Word From The Editor. . . .

Today is certainly a date for good debate among the fitness world; it is of course national diabetes day. In a world divided in opinion, does blood sugar management really matter or not it seems a particularly relevant day to discuss this.

As I am writing the article I shall obviously share my opinion, and in a word – yes, I believe blood sugar management does work. We are talking about body recomposition and overall long term health here.

Let’s delve into the why and why not’s.

For the most of us I would argue that blood sugar management is crucial for rapid fat loss, and to an extent muscle growth. By focussing on this you are able to manipulate insulin response which as we know is a storage hormone. If your insulin levels are elevated at the wrong time of the day then it is fair to say the body is in ‘’store’’ mode opposed to ‘’burn’’ mode. For fat loss this is of course going against the grain of what you are trying to achieve.  Yes there are people who need not worry about this, but there are many more that do in my opinion.

Therefore by controlling carbohydrate intake, taking them in at strategically timed intervals I think it is safe to say you are going to maximise your progress and improve insulin health simultaneously.

So how do you go about this? Before we go on, remember that you need to understand that whilst obese individuals are not necessarily relevant to somebody is active and healthy, it always pays to do the basic things right.

Basic carbohydrate manipulation would state that having carbohydrates from a fast digesting source immediately post-workout, generally followed by one more carbohydrate meal would allow the individual to get their carb fix, spike insulin levels when required (improved anabolism) and there is also scope to say that many people will sleep better when taking carbs in later at night due to the serotonin response gained from eating carbohydrates.

In relation to future health and longevity it makes sense to eliminate sugars, especially from processed foods when possible. This is one of the few ‘’foods’’ I would suggest doesn’t ever really need to be part of our diet. Of course it will because 99% can’t avoid all foods containing sugar, but if you are able to dramatically limit them then long term health and body composition goals will in my opinion improve.

Take home message on diabetes day, limit sugars, control your carbohydrate intake, eat plenty of protein and greens, stay hydrated and be a healthier you!

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