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Are you a hard gainer or do you just fail to eat enough? This is the question which often needs to be asked because more than often it is the latter!! Let’s not beat around the bush, to gain size, especially for those of us who have trained for a while we need to consume plenty of muscle building calories. Not all calories are equal, that is for sure so don’t play the calorie game – that is just one variable!

Instead you need to understand what nutrients you need and how many. This is a ‘’how long is a piece of string’’ question BUT there are some consistencies which seem to work well with a lot of individuals. We will briefly skip through some fundamentals before exposing some great tips for gaining size in the kitchen.

Protein – eating 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight (LEAN body weight) is a great place to start. Some studies say no, others say yes. In reality, this ‘’rule’’ has stood the test of time.

Carbohydrates – depending on carb tolerance, for size we would recommend anything up to 5g per pound of lean body weight. Taking in a lot of these calories in the morning and in your post-workout meals is also a great tip.

Fats – having a high fat and carbohydrate diet is something you want to be careful of because if insulin levels are elevated and you are eating a lot of fat the chances are you will store more dietary fat as body fat. Aim for 20-30g of healthy fats a day IF your carbohydrates are very high, if not up to 100g a day can work.

How can you put this together and gain size?

Make sure you are progressive. Common sense has a large part to play here. If you are sticking at a given weight you know that you need to take in more calories. Look to increase your calories by 10-15% on a weekly basis and continue to do so until you feel your gains are coming fast enough.

One of the worst things you can do is skip meals, therefore skipping calories and nutrients. To gain muscle you need to be very consistent and committed to growing. No excuses get your meals down!! At the end of the day, it requires a great deal of consistency with nutrition to gain muscle mass, it really does. Using some of the tips we have spoken about in this article will ensure you are not a million miles off!

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