Keeping A Perspective On Things

Context is a great word and to keep things in context is something we as people need to do more often, let me explain. A sweeping statement such as ‘’cutting fruit out of your diet is advised for best fat loss results in a short period of time’’ is correct for a lot of people, but it doesn’t mean to say eating a little fruit across the course of a week is going to suddenly make you fat OR stop burning fat.

There are endless examples of statements which can be manipulated, miss-interpreted and taken out of context. The ‘’90/10’’ rule is a great way to live by if you are consistent with it and do this day in day out, week in week out through each month of the year. Simply put, this stipulates that if you live day to day life with good nutritious food, train hard then having a few bits and pieces once or twice a week which aren’t necessarily meant to be in the diet won’t stop you from progressing.

To an extent, you have to earn the right to live by the 90/10 rule by a short burst of ‘’T totalism’’ but it is worth it.

Moving on, the take home message within this article is to understand that an article on any given topic cannot accommodate every eventuality, situation, scenario or obstacle which means that there is an element of ‘’generalisation’’ involved. This isn’t to undermine the content of an article, far from it but instead to tell you that just sometimes you have to apply a little common sense, foresight and understanding.

Here is a great example.

HIIT cardio is absolutely amazing for fat loss, it works wonders, requires less time each week opposed to low impact cardio. However, if the individual is 280lbs lean or not I would suggest that they might want to avoid doing sprint work. Why? Logically, this isn’t going to be great for their joints especially during deceleration, right? This is all about keeping things in context and moving forward with a hint of common sense, admittedly applied by yourself.

Yes, there are always new tips, methods and protocols which you can learn and should be open to trying however always be mindful that you must keep it all in the bubble of reality. Keeping things in context is one of the best pieces of advice you can be given, it can be very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

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