Keep Going, Christmas Isn't Here Yet!

Around this time of the year people begin to wind down in anticipation for Christmas, the gym and their diet becomes of secondary importance. The question which bounces around my head is ‘’WHY?’’ – I am no Grinch, come Christmas I will be celebrating like the best of them, but until then why not stay on track? Here are 5 quick snap reasons why I suggest you keep the diet going strong until the 23rd of December, along with your gym attendance!

1 – Multiply The Joy How do you think you will feel going into Christmas knowing you have slacked for the last 4-5 weeks? In contrast, how great do you feel you will feel if on the 23rd you are in great shape and on top of the world?

2 – Better Equipped If you have been eating well then you are more likely to cope with some indulgence over the festive period. Don’t take this out of context, it isn’t blubber proof but it will help.

3 – Less Prone To Piggery Sure, we all love a good binge at Christmas and why not? However, you know as well as I do when your body is used to running a high quality fuels it doesn’t like the transition to junk very much. Therefore, over the festive period it is safe to say that you will be more likely to ENJOY some treats without desiring the over loading of them.

4 – This Is A Lifestyle At FitMag we want to stamp out the trends of going on and off a diet, it should simply be a part of a balanced lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise, enjoy life and repeat.  In the same way there is no need for extreme measures with diet all year, you shouldn’t sack off the lifestyle at points in the year. This leads nicely on to the final point.

5 – Pick Up Where You Left Off From Taking a week off to enjoy food, rest and family is absolutely fine. Not only that, but the damage will be limited as well! Taking time off now will put you 2 MONTHS back, which is a rather taller mountain to climb don’t you think?

Like point 4 said, this is a lifestyle choice and one we stand by as part of a healthy way to live. We would encourage you to continue exercising now, eat well now, and avoid saying ‘’in the New Year I will start again’’ because this screams YO-YO dieter which is NOT the point of a healthy lifestyle.

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