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Brutal, hardcore, sadistic workouts in a damp dungeon may well not float your boat, great! There is a massively huge misconception that to develop a physique which gives you confidence you must become some ‘’no life’’ bodybuilder. Absolutely not, in fact we encourage the opposite! Rather than dieting through phases all your life, why not just live a healthier lifestyle which will in fact transpire to a better physique?

Rather than tell you specifically how to look ‘’hench’’ we are going to focus on mopping up areas of your day to day life and see where we can make simple changes for big results. If you crave improved health, fitness and a better physique this might be worth a read.


So anything sugary, including the stuff you take in your tea – eliminate it. Replace it with stevia, in moderation when completely necessary. Included in this is white bread! Doing this will immediately have a positive impact on insulin health for the average person.

Carbohydrate Management

No funky volumes to eat at 3 minutes past the hour, instead just move your complex carb intake to the final meal of the day (evening meal – especially after exercise). So that means the evening meal can include wonderful foods such as sweet potato mash for example! No carbs after 6PM is a silly rule. Doing this works synergistically with insulin response.

One Ingredient Foods

As a very general rule of thumb, if the food is ‘’one ingredient’’ it is often going to be better for you. Look at the difference between Pop Tarts and blueberries for example, both will give you carbohydrates but boy are the health benefits on different levels. Save the Pop Tarts for a treat!!


Whilst some can tolerate gluten, the overall general consensus is that we are ‘’better off’’ without it. With that said, limiting gluten is something you can look to do to help improve health and body composition.


Keep things natural! If the food grew that way or came out of the cow that way, keep it that way! Often when foods are manipulate to create ‘’low calorie’’ variations the synergy of the entire food is lost. Generally full fat dairy for example is a healthier alternative to skimmed versions for the reasons given above.

As you can see the advice is very basic and clear. Living your day to day life with these kind of changes will help improve your body composition, and hopefully health for the average man or lady with average exercise levels.

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