Health Comes First, Aesthetics & Performance Follow!

What comes first, health or aesthetics? This is a question many people ask themselves in a quest to LOOK good, yet they are missing the point. The whole idea of embarking upon a lifestyle which leads you to a healthier meal plan, exercise regime and supplement protocol is to be healthier, first and foremost. What’s more, to look the VERY best you can you need to be healthy – if you are not then the progress you will make is probably going to be limited.

Gut health, digestive performance, adrenal gland function, thyroid health, intolerances and many others come way before ‘’hench biceps’’ and a ‘’ripped 6 pack’’ which are often the token goals of most.

If your body is healthy and firing on all cylinders getting in shape will become much easier. Here are some points to consider.

Gluten & Wheat

The gluten we consume today is massively different to that just a couple of hundred years old. As a result it can be massively detrimental to our health. It is estimated as many as 60% of the UK population are Gluten intolerant, without knowing it. Try going 30 days without gluten or wheat and then have a day indulging in pizza, bread and the rest of it. See how you feel – if you are in discomfort, chances are you will do better without gluten & wheat.

Long Term Blood Sugar Level Health

You might just be the guy who can get away with eating what you like as long as you are in your calorie allowance, this will end – mark my words. There have been countless occurrences where age catches up and what looked like a healthy person on the outside is in fact an individual with blood sugar issues. Even if eating sugary processed junk doesn’t attack your aesthetics, limit them to a ‘’treat.’’

Thyroid Health

Recently I helped a client who suffers with hypothyroidism (always tired) and her issue was this, grains and sugars were hammering her from all angles. We went straight into a paleo based diet with some tweaks and 12 days later she was right as rain, crazy or what?


Low iron count and ultimately feeling fatigued are among the feelings of this condition, not nice. People can feel like they have become lazy, as with the above condition. Some basic tweaks you can do to improve the situation are:

- Eliminate caffeine (drink decaf) because it will rob the body of iron.

- Eat plenty of greens, spinach is a favourite!

- Sleep, get to bed as close to 10PM as possible

Once you get your body to the point where it is running like a finely oiled machine, you can then look to get into shape!

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