Grow This Winter! Get The Blender Out. . . .

Whilst a smoothie might scream ‘’summer time’’ they have an undeniably fantastic use all year round. There is no denying smoothies taste amazing done right, sometimes they can become quite addictive which I suppose can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are and what your goals are. With all being said and done here is my ‘’sales pitch’’ to you as a representative of the ‘’smoothie lovers group’’ (made that up, just in case you went to hit Google) to inform you why and how smoothies could well be the difference between you growing and not!

Force Feeding

Last week I skyped a gentleman from South Africa who was on a ‘’diet’’ and he was basically being force fed. Whilst I know many who do this with profound effects I feel it lacks foresight and is part of the reason the overwhelming majority of the population rebel such antics. Who wants to do this? Very quickly, I pointed out that a better solution might be to become friendly with his blender and start making some ‘’anabolic’’ concoctions. The calories go down easy, you look forward to tasting the range of flavours on your tongue AND what’s more you don’t feel like you are being tortured with the EXACT opposite of food deprivation.

Lifestyle Fit

Waking up and throwing a load of wholesome, natural ingredients into a blender and enjoying the taste of a fruity drink is a rather nice way to begin the day, I can think of worse. When we are trying to tell people to be healthier I think smoothies serve a great purpose, they are more ‘’normal’’ rather than 8 meals of ‘’chicken & rice’’ which seems to be the normal consensus of a ‘’muscle building’’ programme.


Like Ben Coomber said at his recent seminar, cooking enough food to cater for an ‘’every 3 hour’’ diet can be a royal pain in the ass! Having a blender on hand to enjoy a smoothie instead of cooking a solid meal can be quite a life-saver.

How Many?

How many smoothies should you have a day? It comes down to preference, timescales, goals and appetite. Personally I think 2-3 is a great number. The ease of getting in nutrients is appealing and the taste can be amazing, making the ‘’lifestyle switch’’ more than bearable.

What ingredients?

All of the following make great additions to a mouth-watering, muscle building smoothie.



Natural yogurt

Manuka honey

Natural fruit juice


Pasteurised egg whites

Whey protein



Get the blender out and grow! Building muscle never tasted so good!

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