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Coming from a bodybuilding background I can relate to those who prescribe those kind of training splits to clients but I can also relate to clients who say they cannot commit to such a schedule – time is of the essence and we have to be realistic. Are we, as fitness ambassadors really saying unless you are willing to commit to a workout schedule similar to that of a pro bodybuilder then ‘’forget it?’’ I don’t think so; we need to move away from this somewhat dogmatic attitude that it is the only way.

People have families, business, careers and a social life to worry about, so keeping in shape within a relatively short period of time on a weekly basis is key to many of these individuals. This is why today’s article is going to focus on getting in shape in just 90 minutes, across the week. That’s it, 3 30 minute workouts to blitz fat, increase lean muscle tone and keep your body nice and healthy.

Sound good? Read on.

To achieve such a goal within a relatively short period of time on a weekly basis there needs to be intensity present combined with maximum tension on the muscles (increased calorie burning) and plenty of sweat!! The last bit is purely for effect, it tells a story. These workouts are for both men and women. May I take this moment to URGE anybody reading this who doesn’t want to lift weight in case they get too big? Simply put, it won’t happen so relax!

On with it to the business end of the article.

Circuits are the name of the game because they give us the capacity to create a great level of intensity in a short period of time, we are maximising every second in the gym and they are HARD. Here they are, the 3 circuits which I recommend you try for the next 4 weeks to see how they change your physique.

Rules –

10-12 reps per exercise

4 second negatives

90 seconds between each circuit

3-4 circuits

Circuit 1 –

Overhead barbell press

Single arm row (right)

Single arm row (left)

Leg press


Circuit 2 –

Dumbbell chest press

Seated cable rows

Upright row

Dumbbell lunges

Press ups

Circuit 3 –


Wide grip pulldowns

Decline dumbbell chest press

Single legged leg press (right)

Single legged leg press (left)

These circuits are very simple yet extremely effective. The intensity has to be there in order to get the results which means minimum rest between each exercise during the circuit and the negative count absolutely has to be met. Time under tension is one of the BEST ways to increase intensity and calorie expenditure via muscle stimulation.

So, the route is mapped out – are you going to give these a bash?

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