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German body composition training, not to be confused with the ever popular 10 X 10 system known as German volume training, is without a doubt one of the best training systems out there for anybody looking to achieve a very fast body transformation. The fact the master himself, Charles Poliquin devised the system says something. Want to know more? Read on!

GBC is possibly the ultimate training protocol for very fast body recomposition, where fat loss it the key aim with a limited timescale. Why? For every 1lb of body fat you wish to torch you need to burn 3,500 calories, in theory. With that said it makes sense to recruit a training system which is going to allow you burn a body load of calories in the gym and proceed to flick the ‘’calorie furnace’’ switch on for the other 23 hours or so of the day. GBC does exactly this by focussing on a number of protocols which are scientifically designed to burn fat.


Almost like the sound effect of a goby teenager being told off after arriving to class 10 minutes later, this acronym sounds a little funny. Don’t be fooled, it is one of the cornerstones of GBC and stands for ‘’Time Under Tension’’ which in layman’s terms simply means – more effort made by the muscle during each set and workout. To achieve this there are two areas GBC focusses on –

1. 4 second negatives, placing the muscle fibres under a lot stress leading to improved muscle fibre recruitment and therefore calorie expenditure

2. Short rest periods, you are in the gym; it is war when you are using GBC!

More Bang For Your Buck

When using GBC you won’t find too many routines which contain the likes of triceps kickbacks. The idea is to burn calories and to do this you want to work the BODY! Big compound lifts such as squats, military press, deadlifts, bench press and the likes of will be the bread and butter moves when using GBC. It is all about to torching calories as fast as possible.

Supersets For Super Results

GBC couples two compound exercises together for 3-5 sets, with just 40-60 seconds between each superset and prescribes a total of 3 supersets per workout! Talk about sweat!!

Intensity What do you get when you combine maximised TUT, compound lifts and a dash of supersetting? INTENSITY! The intelligent prescription of GBC equates to sheer intensity, geared towards fat loss and muscle stimulation which at the end of the day, is what is required. Sound fun?

Test drive GBC with the workout below and see how you cope!

Dumbbell bench press & deadlifts X 5

Military press & lunges X 5

Dips & chins X 5

Rules – Superset (no break between the pair of exercises) 40 seconds between each superset, start to finish 4 second negatives 8 reps per exercise minimum

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