Female Body Recomposition - Iron Induced Bikini Body

Ladies, my message today comes to you loud and clear – LIFT weights and ditch the never ending cardio sessions on the latest ‘’space ship’’ machine you find in most commercial gyms. Just for 4-6 weeks, I urge you to try it. If you don’t find you are any better off, fine I accept that I am talking complete waffle.

This introduction is a little ahead of ourselves, and a little heavy handed I give you that. It is however caused by an overwhelming desire to change the average female’s viewpoint towards exercise specifically for body recomposition. The lady that wants to get a flat tummy, more toned legs and buttocks – you know, the cliché ‘’bikini’’ body. That is the kind of lady I am talking to, the one who will have been told high reps will ‘’tone’’ your body combined with loads of cardio, but avoid low reps because you will get ‘’bulky’’ right?


Hundreds of times we have documented the fact that ‘’average Jane’’ doesn’t have the genetic formula for muscle mass, often seen on professional (artificially enhanced) female bodybuilders on stage. Off the top of my head, a man has 16 times the testosterone of a lady – that right there is going to make a HUGE difference. For the last 6 years I have trained with weights to get as big as I can, naturally – in a year if I gain 4-6lbs of SOLID muscle that is a very productive year for me. Ladies, you won’t go bulky, that is all.

Getting into the ‘’nuts and bolts’’ of it, I am going to presume you are at least open to the idea and that you want a routine to try along with a bit of an explanation without making you fall asleep. You are in luck that is exactly what I am going to offer. Here are 3 very simple reasons why you should lift weights, if you want a firm, toned feminine physique ladies.

1 – Increasing lean muscle tone (not Mr Olympia shoulders, ‘’firming up’’ your muscle groups) will mean you are able to burn more calories around the clock. Muscle is very metabolically active, having slightly more of it will make getting and staying leaner easier.

2 – Lifting weights helps transform you into a calorie burning machine! Around the clock you will burn far more calories post-exercise, doing weights in comparison to hitting the cross-trainer for ages! This is known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which is also known as ‘’afterburn’’ and means the body is going to be using a lot calories to replenish the body’s reserves, in layman’s terms.

3 – Ever seen a lady lose loads of weight, even hit the holy grail dress size, yet look pretty well – soft, saggy and flat? This is because her mind-set was WEIGHT LOSS and not body recomposition. Weight training will help ensure your body looks firm in all the right areas. Most ladies who sport a derrière similar to that of J-LO squat or they were just born with heavenly genetics.

Enough said, time for your routine.

This is perhaps over simplified, and of course not specific to your body type BUT for the sake of the ‘’experiment’’ try it.

Criteria – 3 resistance sessions a week (try Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

No cardio (can add in later on)

Intensity (nothing Spartan like, just good effort)

8-10 reps per exercise

Controlled form (solid form is essential)

The idea is not to go to maximal failure, just so it becomes challenging as you finish the set

Workout –

*superset* is two exercises performed back to back with no rest in between

Superset 1 X 3 (60 seconds between supersets) – squats & overhead dumbbell press

Superset 2 X 3 60 seconds between supersets) – flat dumbbell press & bent over dumbbell rows

Superset 3 X 3 (60 seconds between supersets) - deadlift & clean & press

Basic, try it.

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