Do You Need To Suffer For Your Art?

The word ‘’suffer’’ can sometimes give the wrong impression, leading you to get the wrong end of the stick. To tell you that ‘’suffering’’ for your art is necessary is maybe a little strong, however the reality of the fact is if you are up against a deadline and you want to get LEAN then you have to go through a little hardship.

We are not suggesting you starve, cut important food sources out or train like a mad man (but the latter helps!!) – instead we are saying that there will inevitably be times when you want to eat things you can’t or more food than you are able to get away with. Is hunger apart of getting very lean?

For some, absolutely! Especially towards the latter stages of a transformation when slipping into the 10 calorie per pound of lean body weight region becomes a necessity for most. Should you be starving? Hopefully not but we cannot promise anything, sometimes towards the point where you become super lean you will want to eat anything. Last year, I developed a love for tomatoes which I openly have HATED all my life. What does that tell you?

There will be times when you are watching a movie but all you see are people flickering in front of you on the screen, what is on your mind is food, more specifically the food you want to engage in a ravenous love affair but cannot! The food is willing, maybe it is in the cupboard but your plan says otherwise – something like a Romeo & Juliet scenario. It can also come down to natural appetite for food and your satiety point. Some are lucky in the respect they crave nothing more than a graze every now and then as where the alpha males among the tribe may suffer the constant desire for mountains of calories oozing with even more calories. If you are of the latter party, I am afraid to say you will probably end up suffering a little for the bragging rights your latest photo is about to give you!

To answer the question, should you suffer for your art which in this case is getting sexy lean? Sometimes yes, it will become a necessity but others will be lucky enough to be afforded the luxury of bypassing this struggle. This really doesn’t matter though; instead I think what counts is your mental ability to do what it takes to get in the shape of your life and stay healthy!

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