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Sometimes, just sometimes cravings appear to be getting the better of you and no matter how much motivation you show – they eventually win. It is often sugary foods which tempt us out of our ‘’circle of trust’’ which makes you think, ‘’what if I could think of some snacks which would satisfy my cravings whilst keeping me on track?’’ You don’t have to; we have done the thinking for you!

Check out these 3 super tasty snacks which are also very wholesome and healthy!

Carrot Dippers

Everyone loves raw carrot, right? Sometimes the most refreshing, quenching food you can eat is a freshly pealed carrot – that CRUNCH makes it such a satisfying food to indulge in. So, for those times when you want to have a munch on something sweet and crunchy, try this simple little snack.

1 whole carrot (pealed) chopped into sticks

2 tablespoons almond butter with stevia added, stir

Get dipping!

A lovely sweet snack which actually is very healthy!

Chocolate Nuts

No, this isn’t the bit where we say it is OK to buy these from the supermarket. Instead, doing a homemade blend can be quite rewarding without the drawbacks.

6 squares of 90% dark chocolate (LOW sugar) organic, melted

Add 25g macadamia nuts

Add 10g flaxseeds

Stir thoroughly together to ensure the nuts are coated in chocolate and seeds, yummy!


In the past I have often championed the use of quark cheese to help create a wide range of chocolate mousses. Today I am going to share another one with you which I think you are going to absolutely LOVE, but you might become addicted – it is that good!

75g quark cheese

1.5 scoop white chocolate protein

Handful of blueberries

Teaspoon natural (unsweetened) coconut shavings

1 teaspoon almond butter

Dash of water (teaspoon, not much more)


Hopefully these little gems have given you an insight into what snacks can work for you, even if you are trying to stay on track and satisfy your cravings at the same time!

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