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This week’s ‘’Chronicles of Average Joe’’ focusses on dietary myths which tend to exist within the realms of health & fitness, generally appealing to those who want to hear something they like.

Client: So I have been reading about various diets and I think the keto diet is the one for me, after all I love cheese, bacon, sausages and once I get into the diet I am allowed to eat as much of it as I want.

AG: Although I hear what you are saying I can’t help but cringe, no matter what state the body is in you cannot just eat as much fat as you want. In fact, too much of any food group is going to become counter-productive for fat loss.

Client: But by doing so you create a ‘’fat burning’’ furnace and you just need to fuel the fire.

AG: Sure, eating healthy fats up-shifts your ability to burn body fat! I totally agree and I apply these principles to many different people including myself. However, to drop body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit at some point. Fat is very calorie dense (9 calories per gram consumed) so you can quickly eat too much.

Client: SO how much can I eat then?

AG: Totally dependent on several factors – your body composition, timescale for fat loss, what do you do for a job (labour intensive work?), body type etc. However, I think that on a ‘’higher fat’’ diet up to 80g a day for the average guy is a classed as ‘’enough.’’

Client: Right OK, and from any fat source?

AG: Again I find this a little tough to accept, eating blocks of cheese for example isn’t going to be as good as macadamia nuts for example. There are other factors to consider with foods other than their macronutrient and calorific content. I would personally stick to nuts, seeds, avocado, whole eggs, red meat, oily fish and natural cottage cheese occasionally.

Client: Understood.

AG: I would also cook my meats in coconut oil or real butter as another food source of healthy fat.

Client: Nice! But are whole eggs not bad for me?

AG: Don’t get me started! They can cause an increase in cholesterol (via the liver) however this is in HDL (HIGH density lipids) which is the ‘’good’’ one, so don’t quake with fear when you eat a few whole eggs from time to time.

Client: OK.

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