Chronicles Of Average Jane - Intermittent Fasting

This week’s ‘’Chronicles Of Average Jane’’ focusses on another hotly debated topic among the fitness world! Of course, we are talking about intermittent fasting. Whilst I do accept it can be a very effective way for some people to shed body fat (endomorphs in particular) I prefer to eat regularly, do you?

Client: So in the latest glossy magazines I was reading it said intermittent fasting is the BEST way to lose weight! So I think I am going to give it a go. What do you think?

AG: Do you enjoy eating regularly or are you happy being limited to an 8 hour window each day?

Client: Well, I enjoy food yes but if it is what it takes then I will do it.

AG: Historically there have been 10s of thousands of people who have achieved fantastic results whilst eating regularly. That is my first point, if you enjoy food then I suggest you don’t need to use IF.

Client: Right . . .

AG: Secondly, I am on the opinion the average person will struggle to stick to this as a lifestyle and potentially experience a compounded rebound post-diet.

Client: But does it work?

AG: Like I said, it can work and I think with certain clients it is an OK idea for FAT loss but if you don’t need to use it don’t is my take on it.

Client: Right, OK. What would you recommend instead then?

AG: This is like asking me how long is a piece of string, but I am going to aim to give you an answer here. For the average desk job worker I think that carb back loading can be a great model to begin with for training days.

Client: In English . . . .

AG: You mean they didn’t have this on the front of the latest ladies ‘’fitness’’ mag? OK, so on weight training days I would suggest eating protein, some healthy fats and fibrous vegetables throughout the day. Then post-weights enjoy some sweet potato or rice for example with that meal. On non-lifting days don’t bother with the carbs. Once a week, allow yourself to enjoy a free meal and dessert but avoid alcohol.

Client: I can do that. Do I need to count calories?

AG: Not yet, let’s just get your plan in motion for now. Just limit the healthy fats to a handful per meal at most!

Client: On it!

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