''Changing My Life'' - Ben Henson Goes On The Journey Of A Life Time!

First of all, you have to understand I am not a heavy weight lifter, and I really don’t ever expect I will be. I won’t out lift any of the guys in the gym and I am happy with that for now. I decided after a recent holiday I am well out of shape, and today is the day I change it all, I have dubbed today January 1st as that is when everyone out there makes these promises to them self and get caught up in the hype of joining a gym for 2 weeks, not seeing results straight away and by the 15th they are looking at having a gym membership for another 11 and half months that they probably won’t need, I know I’ve been there.

My main issue is that I work a lot of hours, some weeks as many as 65, it’s not ideal but I have written a program to fit within this, its flexible and pliable to everyone’s life. I have invested in some equipment for my home, thankfully my wife is very acceptant to this, I know there will be a lot of people out there that won’t have the luxury of turning a spare room into a personal gym. Luckily I have got a fancy new bike, yes a static bike; it’s great for a quick session in the morning. Over the coming weeks I will be pushing myself to my limits but not trying to work to some 12 week template, I want to evolve my mind into adapting to this new life style I am creating myself into. I have stripped the cupboards in the house and there is now an abundance of rice, pasta and such like foods not to mention the Atlantic oceans worth of tuna, if that’s even where they come from.

I have also gone to the liberty of creating a Facebook group to help me log what I am doing and keep records of my thoughts and my ideas, planned work outs etc. so if there is anyone that wants to follow that as I go it’s at https://www.facebook.com/groups/171days You will be able to follow me as I spend the next 6 months recoding my mind and learning to see things different. I am one of those guys that struggles with my weight I hold my hands up to that, I don’t have ‘good genes’ but that isn’t going to stop me trying to get to a level of fitness I am happy with. I don’t see it as something that’s easy to get. Personally I hope to lose 3 stone and make some massive life changes to benefit me, my family and surrounding people.

In these articles I am hoping to summarise each week for those that don’t follow my group and hope to motivate people into realising you don’t need to spend hours in the gym or spend out on expensive gym memberships, you can and obviously it will help but as I said earlier I am a novice although not a total newbie but I have so much to learn and gain this is just the beginning for me. Week 1 was easy really I just had to make sure I got my meals in accordingly and ate right, trained enough and stayed focused. Tuesday was Jan 1st (really November 20th) I made a promise to myself and made the Facebook group, invited a few close friends and family to join it. I like to call it transparent accountability, I made a public promise to commit to this, I chose people for different reasons in order for them to see what I was doing, and that if I failed I would fail them as well as myself, and people from different areas. It has helped immensely in knowing I have this support net, some know what it feels like to be where I am, some have gotten to where I want to be and some people just want to know that I am doing the best I can.

Tuesday morning started and I got up at 8, realised today is the day, set about making my meal plan, I didn’t start work until 2 that night so I geared myself to get ready for work and I ate my breakfast. I have decided I would keep it simple, I had sugar free Alpen with Almond milk, and a banana, the supplements I am taking while on this are CLA, Omega 369, a fat burner and a multivit so I had them too!

This was the start of the beginning, I had already logged my weight for the beginning at 225.4lbs, like I said I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, this is the beginning of the new person I want to become, I set about working out what I was going to take to work for the evening a head, a plastic storage pot, some microwaveable rice, a fork. In my smart shaker I had my afternoon supplements and 2 shakes of myofusion probiotic. By the end of the night I felt great I had eaten every 3 hours that day and purchased some more food at work for the next day. Some chicken, a few bananas, and some veg.

I want to make this as doable as possible so I am making simple food choices.

Wednesday came and I got up at 4:20am to do my cardio even though finishing at 10 is torture and to start the day ahead getting up that early is true dedication. By the time I had my Alpen and all my supplements and had done my 25 minute cardio I felt great. It was just enough time to clean up and get ready for work, that day I had the rest of the food that I had set out and again I ate every 3 hours and by the time I got home I wasn’t feeling tired like I usually would after a 10 finish and 6 start. I am not sure if this was just down to the cardio or a mixture of right eating, the cardio and a healthy attitude to what I was doing. For the next couple days I repeated this, eating my meals as I set out, occasionally letting myself have a mini treat like on the Thursday I had a jacket potato for lunch and had tuna mayo (light) on it, which I made myself and added sweet corn then had a great work out in my home gym focusing on my arms and shoulders.

The weekend for me is a struggle, this wasn’t any different to a normal weekend except I had to see a show in London so I decided I would have my once a week treat after all I put my body through it was what makes it all worthwhile. We stopped off on the strand at a little Garfunkel’s and I had a bacon cheese burger with onion rings, and I have to say it made all the hard work seem worthwhile, I felt like I had achieved all week and this was my reward, it was my gold medal, I had made significant gains, well losses on the scale at home!! I had gone from 225.4 down to 221.2 in 4 days. I must admit afterwards I did have a slight hesitation as to whether I should have had the onion rings, but I knew if I had this one meal come Sunday morning I could go back to my planned out meals of balanced carbs and protein, shakes and everything I have set myself out for.

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