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In a world where words like ‘’anabolic’’ or ‘’muscle gains’’ are craved by the eager audience of the sports supplement industry it can sometimes be hard to emphasise the importance of supplements which appear well, a bit more bland. Today marks day one on a 6 week epic journey from man to machine, in other words – photo shoot ready so I can prance around looking like a slightly paler and muscular version (I like to think so!!) of David Dickinson in front of the camera. Of course, a supplement order was required as part of my preparation for operation ‘’let’s get shredded’’ with my coach, Kevin Walker – and I think some of you MAY be surprised by my choices. To emphasise the point before we go any further, the goal above all else for the next 6 weeks is fat loss and muscle retention.

So what did I buy?

Hulk Up, Go Green!

Before you form the opinion that I have either gone Louis Ferrigno MAD or turned into an environmentalist overnight (nothing wrong with that by the way), I am talking about green powders! If you are NOT sub 10% as a guy, or 16-18% as a lady then I STRONGLY suggest using a greens formula for fat loss. We are looking to detoxify estrogens as quickly as possible which can be a right pain in the derriere in promoting stubborn fat pockets within the body. My product of choice is Udos Beyond Greens, purely because I know the guys at Udos and their attention to detail is second to none, they produce a range of extremely high quality products. Ladies, this product is especially great for you if fat loss is the goal.

Fish Oils

Along with the first product, this has to be one of the most over looked supplement by a LOT of beginners looking to shed fat. Yes, thermogenics work (I am a big advocator of Anabolic Designs Shredabull at the right time) but don’t ever think because fish oil doesn’t make you dance like Donkey Kong on ephedrine that it doesn’t work, because it does! Fish oils help improve insulin sensitivity (omega 3s). In layman’s terms the cell within your body is surrounded by 2 layers of fat, the fat you eat will help form these layers and depending on the quality of the fats it will partly determine how nutrients are able to travel through the cell wall and into the mitochondria where they are processed. Omega 3s are a top quality fatty acid, enough said!


Muscle relaxation is one of the great benefits of magnesium post-workout and before bed, and as a result a much better night’s sleep is often the case. What happens when we sleep? Our growth hormone levels increase, and what happens when they go up? Muscle recovery is optimised and so it fat metabolisation. Simples.

Like I said earlier, Shredabull also features in my supplement stack but it won’t be used until the last 2-3 weeks where I need that extra kick.

If you are looking to get LEAN, might I suggest you try these products.

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