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This week’s ‘’Chronicles of Average Joe’’ focusses on health, a topic which believe it or not is often over looked by many as their quest for the ‘’female magnet’’ physique gets in the way of rational thinking.

Client: So I am told that if I stay within my macro targets it doesn’t matter where they come from provided my micronutrient needs are provided for.

AG: Are you telling me for example, it doesn’t matter if you get 50g of carbohydrates from sweet potato or white bread as long as there is a multi-vitamin supplement in place to handle the micronutrient profile differences?

Client: Exactly!! (Said with a sense of happiness, no wonder!)

AG: Oh dear.

Client: What is wrong?

AG: Think about what you are saying. Yes, macro counting does indeed have its place especially when aiming for a very lean physique, but health needs to be at the forefront of your mind as well. To imply that a carb is a carb, and the same goes for protein and fats is a little one dimensional and simplistic.

Client: Why?

AG: The impact on health is going to differ between something like sweet potato, a naturally grown food and a manufactured piece of cardboard, I mean bread. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cheap white bread but it isn’t healthy, don’t kid yourself. Remember, body composition and health are two very different beasts. I know many people with great physiques, yet their medical profile tells a different story. One has to avoid sugary foods because as a youngster he abused his ‘’God given’’ ability to stay lean, and didn’t care much about where his food came from.

Client: So what are you saying?

AG: In a nutshell, always aim to eat clean wholesome foods and avoid processed junk. It goes without saying, eat junk as a treat because most of like to do so. Don’t try and make them apart of your diet because it isn’t healthy no matter how good you look.

Client: How often can I enjoy these foods?

AG: I think from a healthy perspective, less the better. However, once a week is a ‘’healthy’’ approach to it. It will certainly give you a relatively short term goal to look forward to in order to make staying on track in the week easy.

Client: OK, is there any reason why?

AG: Basic reasons, long term insulin health, blood sugar management, thyroid health, adrenal gland health, digestive performance amongst a whole host of other things.

Client: On it.

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