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The mission brief of FitMag was to educate the great customers of It is easy enough to put a price on a tub of protein, but it isn’t so easy to put a value on education, real education. A lesson learned today can be used time and time again, over and over. As the Editor of FitMag I feel very blessed to have the role of gathering relevant and informative content from the arsenal of writers we have built since the conception of’s online resource, FitMag.

I also feel it is imperative that I always look to further my education and knowledge via various pathways and I did exactly that this weekend! Ben Coomber, leading sports performance nutritionist who we interviewed a couple of weeks ago held a seminar in my native Wales. Luckily, I was invited along by Ben as a guest where I was able to pick up some new pointers and take home some real gems. Before we go into some of the overriding take home points, I want to emphasise the importance and value of attending events like this, yourself. As long as the host/talker is well informed with top credentials, great evidence of their work (transformations photos and testimonials) and they seem logical then it should be worth it!

So what were the ‘’gems’’ I learned from Ben’s seminar? There were many, the guy is a rather well informed, intelligent expert who is quite frankly able to run circles around what I would call ‘’wannabe’’ experts. When you have spent over £10,000 on privately learning 1-2-1 from some of the best in the world, done your degree on the subject and your own study along with lots of practise these are the results you might expect. Ben doesn’t suffer from the dreaded ‘’blinker eyed’’ syndrome many do either, he is very open to other ideas and opinions which I love.

Knowledge Bomb 1 –

Before macros and calories you need to focus on intolerances and gut health. It will become very hard to realise your full potential, arguably impossible if you are eating foods which can cause inflammation. When you consider inflammation can last for up to 6 months, you don’t want to be eating foods which cause this. Gluten, wheat and dairy 30 day trial periods are a popular protocol for Ben, and then he reintroduces them to see how the person feels and goes from there. Often dairy is able to be brought back in as where gluten and wheat are left out the majority of the time.

This is the area which a lot of diet protocols fail to address, health. Yes, the individual may look good but what is their blood sugar health going to look like in 15 years time?

Knowledge Bomb 2 –

Hormones matter! This is a particularly precious topic to myself and one I will often preach about. It was refreshing to see somebody with such an in-depth scientific background support the notion that hormone control is essential. Hormones regulate everything within the body, of course most of us need to pay attention to this fact.

Knowledge Bomb 3 – Carbohydrates (not fibrous) are the variable, and need to be manipulated for a lot of people. Back loading, and carb cycling are two forms of carb manipulation Ben champions, and I must say I do as well for a large proportion of clients. Of course, not everyone works with this – however the ‘’average Joe or Jane’’ will probably benefit from this.

There were a huge range of things Ben covered which were very educational and he clearly has a very good understanding of the human body, and nutrition. Ben has been obese in the past, suffered with a wide range of intolerances and conditions and is now 8% body fat 95% of the year and completely healthy. When you take these points on board, it becomes obvious it is people with this depth of knowledge and understanding who more people need to learn off.

The scope of the seminar debunked so much BS which unfortunately is tattooed across social media sites today by people who use a 6 pack as a license to claim labels such as ‘’nutrition expert or guru’’ and the likes of.

10/10 for information and presentation, the seminar was well worth the journey and I will certainly continue to learn more from Ben as will our FitMag readership.

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