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To tell somebody not to stress is a bit like telling somebody not to worry about anything, it really is a throw away comment which provides absolutely no solution. Sure, avoiding stress is a must for better health and body composition – constantly being exposed to stress will inevitably lead to elevated cortisol levels and ‘’HELLO’’ stubborn body fat. However, when we use the word ‘’stress’’ people instantly think ‘’but I cannot avoid it, work, kids etc.’’ This is only one part of the source of your stress.

There are several ways you can decrease the level of stress your BODY has to deal with.


Caffeine is great, it has its place and it is often found within our favourite hot drinks, especially coffee!!  However, drinking caffeine has the potential to stimulate the secretion of stress hormones (Cortisol). This isn’t to say eliminate it, but instead manage it. Don’t drink it much beyond 4PM as it has a half-life of 6 hours which means at 10PM it is still active. You want it to be out the system beyond this time to allow you to sleep properly.


The latter sentence led us nicely on to this topic, SLEEP! It might sound cliché, perhaps a little boring but the results speak for themselves. When you sleep well your growth hormone levels go up which means your cortisol levels fall. Growth hormone is also fantastic for fat metabolistion. Overall, a good night’s sleep is what is needed to help combat stress. As human beings we are designed to follow the Sun cycle, wake when it is light, sleep when it is dark. With that said, early nights, early mornings work well!

Time Out!

Nope, not the delicious chocolate bar which we can all probably agree tastes fantastic. Instead, we are talking about ‘’you’’ time! During your lunch break just take 10 minutes to do nothing, be alone, outside and just RELAX. Have a hobby or something fun to look forward to in order to help alleviate stress and unwind. It is all too easy to get caught up in a cycle of doing everything at 100 mile an hour and stressing the mind and body out.

Taking these simple steps forward will certainly help improve your stress levels. Doing so will also help improve health, in particularly long term health and overall body composition. As it is the weekend, de-stress and unwind!

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