10 Steps To Bigger Arms! Total Arm Mayhem!

So you want big guns this winter? Read this article then! Firstly you need to understand that getting BIG arms is not just about getting big biceps as the arms are made up of 2 muscle groups - the triceps and biceps, the triceps are 2/3 of your arm and the bicep is 1/3 of your arm. So in order to get BIG arms you need to train both the triceps and biceps just as hard as each other.

Step 1 – Learn how to perform the exercise properly with a full range of motion.

Step 2 – Sort your diet out!!! If you want to get bigger you need to be eating the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. – You can’t grow without eating correctly – this is important to learn.

Step 3 – Mix up your rep ranges! Y3T style rep ranges of 6-10, 12 – 14 and Triple drop sets.

Step 4 – Don’t compromise form for anything – if you lift heavy weight with poor form that won’t result in good gains lifting slightly less weight correctly will be more effective.

Step 5 - Only train your biceps once per week to maximise gains and recovery.

Step 6 - Only train triceps once per week to maximise gains and recovery.

Step 7 - Don’t over train your muscle this will result in poor gains, could lead to wasting time in the gym and also an injury later on into your training life.

Step 8 - There are many different exercises to train the biceps and triceps below I’ve listed an example arms workout but you should always “MIX UP YOUR WORKOUTS” confuse your body by changing your routine or ordering of exercise to shock your arms into growing.

Step 9 - Use cables, machines, dumbbells, barbells and EZ bars – Variety is important to shock the body. You need to put stress on the muscle so make sure the rep range isn’t easy to hit the last rep.

Step 10 - Stretch/Flex the biceps and triceps in between sets. Standard sample arm workout Perform 2-3 proactive warm up sets to get the muscles ready for the working sets – this will prevent injury. Perform 3-4 working sets of each exercise with different rep ranges to hit the different muscle fibres.


1. Close grip bench press

2. Triceps push downs with rope

3. Skull crushers with EZ Bar


1. Dumbbell Biceps Curls

2. Concentration Dumbbell Curls

3. Standing EZ Curls

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