Training Legs - Why Train Anything Else?

If you don't train legs then why train at all ?

Most gyms I've been to in the last 3 years, every Monday you walk in you see people training chest or arms in my experience this is the case in most gyms. Why not train legs first, after all legs are the biggest muscle group!

Before you start training heavy and hard, it's important to get the muscle Proactive and ready to take the pressure your about to put on them.

Doing proactive working warm up sets will not only help your muscle get the blood flow needed, it will also help prevent injury in the long run but will also help you lift heavier, when you do your important working sets which after all are the only important sets.

If you’re serious about training in my opinion - legs should be the first thing you train every week without fail!

Want big strong legs stick to the basis.

The idea with the rep range is that it’s not meant to be easy to make the totally amount of reps in the set – Don’t cheat yourself.

3 Proactive warm up sets Leg Press 4 sets 8-12 reps

1 Proactive warm up set – to get used to the motion. Squats  2 sets 10-14 reps    2 Sets 6-8 reps – Heavier weight

1 Proactive warm up set – to get used to the motion. Leg Extension triple drop sets 3 12 reps per set - so does 3 triple drop sets 3 times.

Lying Leg 4 sets 12-15 reps Stiff deadlifts 3 sets 20 reps If these 5 exercise are done correctly this will be enough to help build good strong legs, this workout is pretty simple but effective.

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