Things You Don't Need To Worry About!

With the transition of ‘’cutting’’ to ‘’bulking’’ taking place for most of us this time of the year we wanted to outline a handful of areas you don’t need to concern yourself with! Often people will get hung up on the fact that maybe certain things are happening to their body which really are not that much of an issue, so here goes – some much needed reassurance!

Water Retention

Often you will notice gym goers fret about water retention which generally increases with an increase in calories, in particular carbohydrates. This can lead a more watery appearance within your muscles, midsection and even face in some cases. Whilst it might not be conducive for a photo on the beach in 30 degree heat does it really matter if you are looking a little softer if it means you are able to eat in a way which ultimately leads to muscular hypertrophy and a bigger and stronger you for next year? At FitMag we think not – a little water retention induced by added carbs or creatine (although this is often intramuscular or subcutaneous) really isn’t something you need to concern yourself with.


Of course the idea is to increase in body weight if you are trying to gain muscle when it consider muscle weighs up to 8 times that of body fat. However, many will often get hung up on weight and concern themselves that because their weight is up their ‘’fat’’ which isn’t always the case. No, you don’t want to gain weight to the point where you are driving your body fat to a point where it becomes counter-productive but if it goes up a couple of notches don’t lose too much sleep over it! For some people depending on their body type this a natural occurrence, generally the only body types which can generally get ‘’big’’ without compromising on their body fat are ectomorphs with reasonable muscle mass.

Increased Appetite

When we eat for size it is quite common to experience an elevation in appetite, don’t worry you are not suffering from anything other than an increased metabolic rate due to the volume of food you’re eating! This is ideal because you are able to stomach the calories you need to fuel growth and at the same time your metabolism will help prevent too much of an increase in your body fat levels. The fact that we tend to eat copious amounts of food during the colder seasons is no coincidence after all, food is comforting and it is natural to feel hungry when the body is cold due to its thermogenic effect.

Now you can relax and get back to enjoying your bulk!

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