The Gym Changed My Life!

After noticing some major transformations in my attitude and knowledge surrounding the gym, from when I first set out to where I am now it’s amazing to see how much I have changed my workouts, diets, and almost everything. However, before looking into what I have changed, I thought it would be interesting to see how the gym has changed me.

The most obvious change is the physical aspect; being only 5ft5, I have always had a small stature – one of the reasons I started going to the gym. When I first started training, my bodyweight was around 55kg and since then I have increased to about 65kg, with body fat around 10%, after cutting. Physically, the gym has changed me for the better, helping me to achieve the goals I set out to get, but aside from the physical changes, I have noticed more aspects of my life being influenced by the gym, for the better!

One of the influences the gym has had on my lifestyle has been diet, an influence to which I am particularly grateful. Being a student, I succumbed to eating junk food and drinking three or four times a week, which had a severe impact on my training. It was then that I decided I had to pick a lifestyle of either carrying on eating junk food or drinking regularly, or really dedicate myself to my training, and thankfully I chose the training. Entering my last year of university, I take particular care in what I am eating, especially with regard to fruit and vegetables (I now eat more fruit in one day than I would in a semester as a fresher!).  Cutting out alcohol almost completely has probably been the hardest lifestyle change, but one that has lead me to feel the healthiest I have done in a long time – again a change that I owe to the gym.

Away from dietary and physical changes, as a person, I believe I have learnt a lot of confidence and discipline from training, particularly when it comes to sticking to diet and workouts, and avoiding just 'throwing in the towel' and giving up whenever there are temptations or when it gets tough – something which I can apply to other aspects of my life. This determination benefits from seeing noticeable improvements in training, and enables me to apply an attitude of 'hard-work comes before success' to, for example, my university work.

The changes the gym has given to my lifestyle have led to comments such as 'obsessed', and it is here where one of my favourite motivational quotes, “obsessed is what the lazy call the dedicated” seems appropriate. Anyone who is willing to show dedication to help achieve their goals will reap the extra benefits that come with hard-work; whether trying to lose weight, or bulk up in size, it is not only those goals you will achieve, but a lifestyle that I have found to be vastly improved.

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