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Motivation, Motivation, Motivation –Everyone needs motivation Motivation is one of the key elements that will contribute to how successful someone is going to be within their time in the gym weather they are just starting off in the gym or if they know they already want to compete in a bodybuilding show. Firstly what is motivation? Motivation is the reason someone will do something in the first place for example, some people need to be motivated in order to go to the gym 4 times per week just for an example.

Why does a beginner in the gym need motivation? In my experience every January in every gym, I’ve ever used I see the same thing a lot of new gym members because it’s their New Year resolution to join the gym and better themselves but later in early February, I notice 80% of the new members who joined as part of their new year resolution and new life have quit the gym and are back to the usual lazy habits. The main reason in my opinion is the reason they failed is because they lacked desire and motivation. Motivation can be found anywhere by watching bodybuilding videos, magazines with people in decent shape and generally seeing people in normal life that are in better shape than you are.

Anyone can get motivated but it’s keeping the motivation alive, when things get tough that separates people from staying motivated and people who can’t stay motivated will generally fail because if there not motivated to do something then why would someone go to the gym just for an example.

Ways in which beginners can stay motivated

1. Go to the gym with your friend.

2. Listen to your favourite music whilst you workout.

3. Make small manageable goals - be realistic.

4. Get to know people in your gym with similar interests.

5. Learn as much as you can.

6. Be positive about yourself.

7. Track what you do in the gym.

8. Try to imagine what you could look like with time spend in the gym on the beach.

Try some of the tips; they will help you stayed focussed and motivated.  Going to the gym does more for you than just changing your body, with time you will build self confidence and self-esteem in yourself.

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