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The ideology behind the mind before body is simple, if the mind can accept something the body can achieve it, in contrast if it doesn’t it cannot. Of course, the explanation given is over simplified but the premise is clear – whatever your goal is you must first acknowledge and build a mental map to get there before you can actually achieve it in the physical sense. Does this mean achieving your goal, mentally is necessary beforehand – almost like dreaming of your success? Damn right!!

He, who achieves his goals once dreamed, once dared that he actually could – if those premature intentions were never born within the mind of the successor before the goal was achieved in the physical sense, this day would never have arrived. From world class athletes training from the age of 9 years old to one day win Olympic Gold, to the business tycoon who mentally travelled through trialling times most would crack under to achieve his wealth today right down to average Joe who went from fat to fab!! Even a lottery winner has the mind-set and belief that they COULD be successful, without it they wouldn’t enter, right? As they say, if you’re not in the game you can’t score – without a ticket there is no winning the raffle. The phrases end there, my persona does not resemble that of Paddy McGuiness. The focal point is that denying the power of the mind is extremely short sited, I cannot think of a single success story which didn’t have at least a hint of mental toughness, drive and above all else belief.

‘’But I don’t believe I can achieve my ultimate goal’’ I hear you say in a somewhat defeated tone. This is where goal setting is so important, the first goal shouldn’t be the final destination but a small step in the direction which leads to a path of several hundred, maybe thousand small steps. The combined effect is eventually one which creates the desired effect! Goal setting frightens many, admitting that you want something you feel is out of reach is a scary thought – what if you never reach it? Whilst I can’t sit here and tell you that you WILL get your ultimate goal what I will say is this. If you don’t strive for it you will probably regret it at some point later on in life, and even if you don’t get to the finishing line you will have achieved something great. To aim for perfection, your ideal will often lead to excellence – an outcome many of us would welcome with open arms.

To bring this to an end, I will leave you with a thought which should set the mind off on its path towards excellence. Visualise your dream physique, accept the effort necessary to achieve it and then act on it. Consistency, the biggest secret of them all.

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