Piecing The Jigsaw Together For Mass!

It is a common mistake, being calorie shy that is. Look if you want to look like you eat grizzly bears for a mid-morning snack then you gotta like it too!! We are not talking muscle bound, ‘’can’t scratch my a**’’ guys here. Instead, athletic, super strong heavily muscled athletes. There is a distinct difference and we prefer the latter. In depth we are going to go through each period of the day over a series for mass in separate segments to show you how to eat like a MAN! If you are guilty of the highlighted crimes it is time to MTFU and get a date at man camp, time to grow baby!


The most important meal of the day according to the media, health officials and whoever else comments on said subject. They are right as well, it is. Health aside, it is also the most important meal of the day for size – well one of many! When you wake the chances are you have just gone 8 hours with no food, fine. However it is important you break this fast with optimal nutrient intake. Enough calories are very important but getting them from the right sources is also essential.

Upon waking with insulin sensitivity improved (due to the fast) taking in carbohydrates along with protein will be beneficial. Think oats, berries along with some whey isolate and egg whites for example. The combination of carbohydrates and protein in this instance (unless body fat levels are too high, 15% plus for a man) help to improve the rate of muscle regeneration. This defines anabolism making it a winning formula.

If packing on slabs of muscle is your goal then missing breakfast would be like missing a workout for 6 months, totally illogical, counter-productive and a waste of time. Great additions to breakfast for calories are of course fats. Fats give over twice the calorie content of carbohydrates or protein and help with various hormone functions, including the production of testosterone. Having a serving of nuts, seeds or nut butter with your breakfast is ideal. The amount of you food you have to eat, relatively to the volume of calories is far less when your fat intake is high due to the fact they are so calorie dense.

First class over, in the next segment we will look at meal two of the day purely for SIZE!

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