Now Or Never - A Story Of Two Minds

Motivation….  According to the Oxford dictionary the definition is

‘’A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way’’

To me motivation it’s not a reason, it not just a way of behaving, it’s the blood sweat and tears that gets me up at 4:20 AM every morning so I can get up, cook my breakfast, do my 25 minutes of cardio, pack my bag for the day ahead, clean up and get freshened up in my suit for work. On the days that I do a split shift at work starting at 6 head home after a couple hours to squeeze in a session at the gym before coming back and doing an 8 hour shift till 10. The motivation for me has been my best friend and my worst friend at times, I can sit there on a day very much like today sat in my office working till 10 at night knowing I will be back at 6am thinking I need to get home see the wife and make sure I don’t put all the gym stuff over her I have already got every cupboard filled with supplements and various pots and containers of this and that. Also in the morning knowing I have to get up and do it all over again.

This is indeed the worst of the worst shift patterns but as I know many people out there cannot control the environment they put them self in such as my awful shifts. Without the motivation to do this, to make myself the best I can be, I certainly wouldn’t be doing the extra. For everyone out there looking for motivation you have to ask yourself what is important to you, me, well that’s easy health and well-being for me and my wife who I have to say totally supports me and although she doesn’t join me at the gym she does however embrace the eating regime that I have put myself through and has allowed me to turn our spare room into a home gym and as I have said turned every cupboard into what looks like the warehouse of Holland and Barrett  this in its self show her dedication and belief to me, so it drives me to put 110% into it for her, for me. I don’t want to let her down and I want to give her the best husband that she deserves.

Another huge factor I find has been helpful is the support I get from my colleagues at work, they understand over the 2 years I have been there that I have my days where I can be on top of the world, and then days that I sink so low and when the cravings strike especially in my place of work being a convenience store there is plenty of sweets, crisps and other naughty little treats that soon start leading me off the track I have set out for myself pushing me further away from my goal, to have a good physique and a healthy lifestyle for many years to come. If it wasn’t for me preparing the day before for the day ahead I could sometimes easily gorge on the super high fat/simple carb foods we all know and love. At the end of the day I sit there and think of the day ahead and decide do I want to go one more day and I think to myself YES!!!! It drives me to the point that I force myself to do it because I don’t want to let myself slip, 1 time here 1 time there skipped and it soon escalates and rolls into a week at a time, then the eating slips as it’s been a tough week. These of course are the things that motivate and push me to drive, I don’t want to let myself down and as equally as important I don’t want to let my family and friends down.

I remember watching a training video and at first when I saw it I always thought that was crazy and I thought what a messed up way of thinking, but it was a Kris Gethin’s approach to completing a set, he believes if he doesn’t get to the end of a set he in visages a member of his family dying or something very bad happening to a loved one. For me this is most certainly my wife and for me I think if I let her beliefs in me slip then something bad will happen, and when the cravings get really bad and I am having the worst of worst days, they days we all have, where just getting out of bad seems a bad thing to do. In reflection to this, for anyone still out there reading my article looking to gain motivation this very much comes from you, it’s not something that can be given, it’s the power inside you to get up every day, plan a head, and do what you can for yourself, the people you love. I can promise you the results you will get are endless, the better person you will become, not even just physically but the benefits to the mind are phenomenal. I find the more I draw myself into this the more positive I am about everything, even work, the bad things seem that little bit more tolerable in life.

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