Mind-Set Development - Why & What?!

Engaging with your deepest inner-self is the fastest way to results because it is this ‘’rendezvous’’ with one’s self which ignites that little something inside you. What makes you tick might not make the next guy or girl become dance! Having an end goal is great, it gives you purpose and direction yet it is kind of irrelevant. What really matters and spurs you on is your motive rather than your goal. Yep, we all want to look appealing, hench, ripped, stacked or whatever other word you use to describe BUILT!

However, we will all share very different reasons. There will be lads who crave the look of Kirk Miller purely to add another name to the list of girls they have had the pleasure of ‘’dating’’ as where others will want to look like Dorian Yates because they want to be Mr O! This is the bit I want to focus on today and get out of you, what is your motive, your reason, your why? Really, what is it? This isn’t something you have to openly share – at 16 I would have been ridiculed by many of my peers if I said I was going to appear on TV as a trainer yet that was always my true goal – to become regarded as one of the best and whilst I am barely on the first step of that ladder, I am on it!! Are you on yours? If not, hop off the one you have started to climb and get running up the one you really want to reach the top of.

Knowing your motive is one thing, maybe it is to become the ultimate pulling machine on the dance floor (although I can’t promise granite arms and a v-shaped latt spread will work) but you also need to dig a little deeper – why? Why is it you want to achieve this so badly? By now you have your end goal, before that you have your motive and before that your why. Although I am somebody who doesn’t believe in most of the fluffy s*** you read in these ‘’mental preparation’’ articles I do believe in this. In essence this thought process provides the very reason why you get up early to do cardio, prepare your meals, forego your favourite junk food, train your ass off in the gym and repeat it tomorrow. That represents something which holds extreme value to all of us from those of us who have dreams of stepping on the Olympia stage right down to those who have dreams of turning heads on a beach in the south of Spain, and everywhere in between.

So, why and what are the questions of the day! Food for thought . . .

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