Looking Good From The Back - Posterior Chain Training!

The posterior chain, aka the back of your body is often overlooked in the gym and it is obvious why, people like to work on the muscles they can see, touch and flex as they blow kisses at themselves in the mirror. However if you spare a second to check out the physiques chiselled from granite you will notice they all have exceptional muscular development on both sides of the body! This got us thinking, what would we prescribe to our readers as a mass builder for their rear? Here are our thoughts. . . . . .

Rope Face Pulls

This exercise provides a fantastic angle to stimulate the posterior deltoids and upper trapezius. Standing in front of a cable machine set the rope face height and as the same suggests pull the rope towards your face, gripping with both hands. To maximise the stimulation in said areas ensure you keep your elbows up throughout the movement. Although this makes you weaker it is a more efficient way to target the muscle fibres in the muscles you are trying to hit.

Reverse Pec-Dec

Again, when aiming to pull the upper portion of the posterior chain apart there isn’t many exercises which enable you to keep the tension on the muscles as this one – epic! The key with this exercise is to utilise a fluid movement during the concentric contraction whilst employing a very slow negative. This is simply torch the posterior deltoids!

Weighted Hyperextensions

Moving further down the back of the body there are not many exercises which work better than weighted hyperextensions to improve the development of the lower portion of the posterior chain. Don’t make the newbie mistake of using a short range of motion, go until your legs and torso form a near enough 90 degree angle.


For sure this has to be the ‘’bread and butter’’ exercise of all back movements, and it sure as hell hits the posterior chain from nearly every angle. Predominately speaking the stress will pass through the lower and middle portions of the back, hamstrings and glutes. Bearing in mind the latter two muscle groups named are indeed extremely valuable members of the posterior chain and ones which are often over looked.

Using this combination of exercises will certainly help improve the development of your posterior chain giving an equally impressive look from the back, as you do from the front. They may not be as ‘’fashionable’’ as a bicep curl or bench press, nevertheless they are essential!

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