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Coming off the back of a typical British summer a lot of you will be fairly lean, you may even stay lean all year round. Like a vacuum cleaner sales man on his first day, I am banging on your door to sell the idea of GROWTH if you fit the bill. When you are lean you are primed for muscle growth, primed I tell you!! There are so many different variables going in your favour if the body fat meter is reading 10% or below. This doesn’t mean you have to get fat at all, in most cases once you are lean and eat for mass you stay lean due to many elements which work synergistically together.

Insulin Sensitivity

To grow you want to be able to embrace the power of insulin, one of the most anabolic hormones in the body – arguably the most. When you are insulin sensitive you’re much more able to utilise carbohydrates which is excellent, because it means you can EAT UP for size. If on the other hand somebody is carrying too much body fat they will generally be insulin resistant, making it hard for them to benefit from high carbohydrate consumption.


Whilst your body fat levels are down your estrogen levels will be too, therefore there will be less aromatase enzyme present within fat cells. What does this mean? A lower conversion rate of estrogen into testosterone. This is a luxury lean athletes can take advantage of which is why it is often advised not to go much above 12% body fat because you are more likely to struggle with gaining size, in theory, without getting fat.


When you achieve head turning condition you reach a point of ‘’super-saturation’’ which basically means the body is almost depleted and ‘’open’’ to the idea of growing. This is often referred to as the rebound effect, which dictates combined with the above two points the body will welcome the change in emphasis on diet. Once you reach this point increasing calories via carbohydrates at strategic times of the day, increasing fats at certain times and using the right supplements can have a massive benefit on your physique.

With the cold weather setting in by the day and your physique sitting at a point of saturation change up the pace and get growing!! The trick is to keep it clean, keep the benefits you have worked so hard for over the summer and engage them on a daily basis to build muscle. You will find as you do this your body fat will stay pretty much the same, it may even get lower because your metabolic rate will increase be default as your muscle mass percentage grows.

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