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The transition between a lifestyle crammed with unhealthy habits, regular visits to the pub and munching on processed crap to a new structure of life which contrasts what was normality in nearly every way can be a tough journey. For many, this transition period is generally where they trip over the first of many hurdles – if they managed to get past the first one, which is to start!! Often, I will be questioned on the ‘’health’’ benefits of changing your lifestyle and in some cases asked whether it is even healthy to eat regularly, fats, and use supplements. Whilst the initial logic of the question baffles me I quickly remember that when you live in a society which quite frankly feeds its residents complete BS why should they know any better?

It is quite ironic that people wouldn’t think twice about having a ‘’quiet’’ 6 pints at their local (over 2,000 calories of poison, that is another story though) yet taking in extra omega 3s and eating foods rich in fat concerns them. How have we reached a situation where this is normality? Most won’t want to know, they are too busy living it up which is great – but if a lifestyle like the one described is conformed to on a regular basis, year on year I fear that an overwhelming majority of this crowd will suffer with an array of health issues, potentially life threatening in some cases. Before we even get into reasons why, almost like ‘’guns at dawn’’ I want to make one very simple point.

You have to make a decision of you are happy with your health, lifestyle, physique and go from there. If the answer is ‘’yes’’ then I congratulate you, but for those of you who are secretly thinking ‘’no’’ even if that isn’t the impression you give in front of your peers – keep reading.

Seeing others who are quite frankly too lazy, too short sited and ignorant to the fact that a lifestyle fuelled by booze is never going to end well infuriates me. I couldn’t care for those who have such an attitude; it is their choice, their body and their problem once it catches up with them. What I do care about is their friends who want to make a change yet face a constant downward pressure to conform with this somewhat tedious existence. There are countless people who want to make that change (even if they won’t make it public knowledge) who don’t purely because there are others in their social network who pull them back. These people will claim to be happy and possibly feel their actions represent that of a ‘’tough’’ guy – I personally believe their insecure and lazy, afraid of change and the easiest way to ensure change doesn’t happen to them is to hold back others around them.

What can you do about it?

If you’re the person trying to make a clean break or perhaps you have a friend or family member in a similar situation here is my advice. The ideal step would be to cut these people off, but that is not realistic, nor necessary. All of my clients who have achieved head turning transformations have all had something in common. The ability to commit to their goal and to do this they ensured there was somebody who could influence them in a positive manner to do so. Beyond that, they learnt to say ‘’no’’ to people who encouraged them to go back to their old routes. Simple right? Yes, it really is however in reality it is a tough task. So are you committed enough to make changes which will ultimately reward you with better self-confidence, better chances of long term health and a better looking physique?

The choice is yours, but as yourself this – where do you see others ending up, who currently follow that same routine, work, pub, sleep, work in 10 years’ time?

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