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We all get into the swing of the ‘’health and fitness’’ lifestyle for similar reasons, surely. Typical things like looking better, being healthier long term, improve our self-confidence and maybe our level of physical attraction (if you’re a teenage boy anyway at least!!). Today it is the second point I really want to focus on today, being healthier in the long run. Health covers many aspects, blood pressure, blood profiles, toxicity levels, and organ function and so on. Another area it is particularly relevant to is of course joint health. Anybody who is an avid sports person or heavily into physical activities will know that at some point, a joint or two will begin to complain. In the world of lifting weights this is no different at all, in fact it is quite common. Today we are going to cover 3 areas explaining why we feel it can be of great benefit to regularly see a specialist in the this field.


Generally we will ALL have a dominant side and it is often the side you write with or kick a ball believe it or not, coincidence I am not so sure. However one of the main culprits of joint injuries can be imbalances. When you are pressing a weight for example, if there is an imbalance in weight distribution across the plane of movement then one side will have to compensate by bearing more of the load. Over time this can cause over compensation and an imbalance to develop to a further extent leading to issues within the joint. A specialist will not only spot this within you, they will also be able to advise on ways to counter balance this.

Reoccurring Irritations

Often you will develop ‘’problem areas’’ which over the course of time can become problematic. They detract from the level of intensity you are able to apply to your workouts, the quality of muscle contraction you are able to achieve not to mention the weight you are able to use. It also affects workout frequency, how many workouts do you have to skip due to this irritant?  Once again an established expert will be able to produce a solution which will enable you to work around your issue. It doesn’t pay to just ‘’push on’’ yet it can be just as bad to just ‘’give up’’ on the gym.


Sometimes via the process we all love to hate, ‘’wear and tear’’ comes the requirement for attention. There may not be a specific ‘’injury’’ but instead an impingement which is no bother as long as it ironed out periodically by an expert. The truth is there really is no replacement for the work of an expert in relation to joints when it comes to longevity. Without longevity, the objective of adapting a healthy lifestyle is somewhat compromised from the offset, right?

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