Grow In The Cold - Split Training With Body Transformation Coach, Steve Rowe!

Let’s face it guys whatever summer we thought we were going to have is gone the vests are being put away and our hoodies are coming back out! Now is the time to hit the gym hard and pack on some serious winter mass! We have all tried different methods to size, with so many new variations being published it’s very difficult to know what to trust, who knows what truly works? Something that has been around for years and years which is tried and tested and will always produce results is SPLIT TRAINING.

Split training if done correctly supported with the right nutrition, rest days and sleep pattern can have amazing results over as little as a 12 week period. Further on is a sample legs and shoulders workout to give you some ideas about sets, reps and exercises to help you with your training. My secret to size is the true benefit to high volume warm up sets and not necessarily the amount of load used during an exercise but the tempo of the movement, more specifically eccentric and isometric contractions.

High volume warm up sets – If you are looking to increase the size of the target muscle you are training then in my opinion high volume warm up sets are key to your success,  Your muscles can only grow to the limits that your muscle fascia will allow so it’s simple you want bigger muscles? You need to increase the elasticity of your muscle fascia and one of the most effective ways of doing that is through high volume, forcing large amounts of blood into the target area will increase the fascia elasticity and promote muscle growth.

Isometric contractions – An isometric contraction occurs when a muscle is generating force without an increase or decrease in size, for example the highest point of the lift on a leg extension using isometric contractions will force more tension under the target muscle as well as an increase in muscle fibre recruitment.

Eccentric contractions – the “eccentric” is the negative part of any lift for example the leg extension lowering the weight back down is the eccentric movement. Slowing the tempo of this movement to anything between 3-6  seconds will increase tension and force the muscle to contract as it lengthens once again maximising the muscle fibre recruitment which will greatly increase both strength and size.


Exercise Sets, Reps & Tempo

Barbell squats (warm up) 2 x 25-30 2-2

Barbell squats 4 x 8-12 2-1-4

Lunges  4 x 8 4-2

Leg extensions 4 x 8-10 2-2-4

Leg curls 4 x 12 2-2-4

Lateral raises (warm up) 2 x 20 2-2

Lateral raises 3 x 10 2-4

Bent over dumbbell rear delt raise 3x 10  2-4

Using the tips provided will guarantee outstanding results putting your muscles under constant stress forcing a change but once again if your nutrition, rest days and sleep pattern are not correctly implemented then you are constantly delaying your progression.

Strength and Conditioning Coach / Body transformation specialist R3P3 Fitness Consultants

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