Glycerol - New Super Ingredient For Protein Bars

Another ''power article'' from Trevor Macca, the man with the facts!

Previously considered as a non-nutrient additive added for stability, taste and texture of the bar, glycerol is a now discovered as a revolutionary ingredient with great nutritive value. Listed as a carbohydrate, glycerol interestingly does not elicit the same glycemic response as simple carbohydrates. In fact glycerol’s presence in the bars helps to control insulin spike. Normally the bar replaces an entire meal, and hence the low glycemic response of the bar is of utmost importance. This makes the meal replacement bar highly desirable as...

- A pre-workout meal by providing slow release carbs for energy throughout the activity

- It avoids fluctuations in blood sugar levels during the exercise

- Provides stable blood insulin levels promoting sugar incorporation into muscle glycogen and avoiding its storage as fat

These new facts suggest that carbohydrates as glycerine/glycerol in the meal replacement bars is a good thing

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