Getting A Perspective On Things

Context is a funny topic but one which is perhaps one of the most important to understand and grasp. To keep things in context and have a good perspective on things is essential; to learn and acknowledge a snippet of advice is great but to religiously practise everything you read to the nth degree can sometimes become your downfall. Knowing what to and how to comprehend varying feeds of information is almost impossible to teach, this is down to experience, understanding and the ability to dissect. What we can do is outline some common statements which I myself will have even made at some points and go over the true implications.


Many top professionals in the world of personal training along with myself will tell you that jogging is not the best way towards body recomposition, and in fact many people don’t have the right biomechanical balance to do it properly. So this means if you jog you will lose all your muscle, drive cortisol up through the roof and gain loads of fat? Not quite. Yes, these things can happen over a long period of time and I am going to stick by my guns here – jogging is an inferior form of exercise especially for body recomposition or even overall health in my opinion. However, for those of you who enjoy hitting the roads and hearing that autumn frost crunch under your feet every once in a while I don’t see too much of an issue. People jogging too much certainly isn’t the reason our nation is now riddled with obesity and type 2 diabetes problems that’s for sure.


Again, fruit is something which is hailed as the Holy Grail by the media yet the better informed fitness experts will tell you otherwise. Fruits rich in fructose are generally not conducive towards insulin health. So, on a diet geared towards fat loss eating things like oranges or kiwi fruit again wouldn’t be ideal. However, to suggest that having an orange on an infrequent basis will make you fat is again a little farfetched. In reality having fructose dense fruit on a day to day basis isn’t ideal but if you love them, once every couple of days won’t stop you from making headway for a while at least.

Every 3 Hour Rule

This was a rule created in the dark ages of bodybuilding and it has really stood the test of time. It helps the athlete sustain constant blood sugar levels, amino acid pools and thus prevents catabolism and cravings. However, if you for example cannot eat for 4 hours don’t think that all of a sudden your weight loss is completely scuppered. Don’t get me wrong, it is BEST to stick to 3 hours but once every now and then 3.5-4 hour windows won’t have the scales running riot!

There we are, a little perspective.

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